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EAE successfully completes significant order with Novi List

Tuesday 02. July 2024 - EAE, a leader in advanced print control systems, has successfully completed a major project with Novi List in Rijeka, one of Croatias foremost daily newspapers. This significant order represents a landmark achievement in the ongoing collaboration between the two companies.

The project concerned the upgrade of the press control solutions and software on their Goss Universal 70 newspaper press.
Addressing critical needs and ensuring reliability
The investment in the upgrade was necessary due to the age of the control system and scarcity of spare components. The existing EAE system was originally installed on the Goss Universal from day one. Therefore the availability of replacement components became more difficult. This situation prompted Novi List to decide for a system upgrade, leading them to QIPC-EAE.
Ivan Biondić, Maintenance Director at Novi List: “We cooperated with EAE from time to time. More detailed cooperation began three years ago. Back then we installed several Q.I. Press controls’ mRC-3D camera’s for colour and cut-off register with the objective to reduce waste and improve print quality. Mr. Ivan Rogić, Director of GrafmatUsluge and agent of QIPC-EAE, connected us with Harold Drinhuyzen, Area Sales Manager of QIPC-EAE. He guided us from the beginning and helped us choose the best solution.”
On the decision making process for this recent press control upgrade Ivan Bionic states: “The selection itself was quite complicated due to delays with previous retrofit phases. However, due to the reliability of the existing components and previous cooperation, we decided on EAE. Again the expertise of Harrold Drinhuyzen, finding an ideal solution for us, played a crucial role.”
Challenging implementation and future expectations
Ivan Rogić: “We have been working on this project for the last five years. This whole process was challenging considering the situation in Europe; however, we were able to complete it to our mutual satisfaction. Today’s trends in production, which demand the shortest delivery times and the greatest automation, require the implementation of advanced print control systems. Novi List recognised the importance of this project for increasing quality and innovation in their future business processes.”
Reflecting on the project’s specifics and execution, Ivan Biondić remarked, “As we plan to continue retrofitting in the next three years, it was very important to eliminate the critical dangers of stopping the machine now. Cooperation during the project was excellent; from the initial selection of replacement components, the planning phase with your engineers, to the final installation.”
Ivan Biondić also expresses confidence in the ongoing partnership, stating, “We expect a continuation of good cooperation in the future. We can already see the benefits of the investment through the reduction of paper waste, as well as the improvement of the quality of the products themselves.”
Acknowledgments and Gratitude
In his final words, Biondić extended his gratitude: “Once again, we would like to thank Mr. Harold for his professional and expert management of the entire project from the beginning to its realization. Also, thanks to the entire team that participated in the project, and especially to the technicians who quickly and professionally completed the entire job according to plan. We would also like to thank your agent, Mr. Ivan Rogić, who is a true professional and deservedly a true representative of your company.”
This successful collaboration between QIPC-EAE and Novi List underlines the importance of innovation and reliability in print control systems.
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