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Transcontinental Transmag continues to rely on QIPC

Wednesday 01. December 2021 - The facility in Anjou (Montreal) Canada, has been working successfully with QIPCs systems since 2009. Now they have decided on an upgrade. The current IDS & mRC+ systems installed on their manroland Colorman XXL press will be replaced by a complete automation package of QIPC.

TC Transcontinental is the largest printer in Canada and one of the largest in North America.
Transcontinental Transmag will herewith achieve their envisioned efficiency improvement and reduction of manufacturing costs while maximising the quality of their product.
Transcontinental Transmag has been working with IDS for many years. However even with the steadfast performance by the existing QIPC system, TC Transcontinental surveyed the industry carefully reviewing the technology available to them for their system replacement. QIPC was able to showcase their latest system technology by installing a system on a one tower, single web manroland retail press installed in an adjacent Transcontinental facility. This provided TC Transcontinental with the opportunity to test-run QIPC’s systems and experience first-hand the system technological advancements in an actual production operation. The history of strong service support and reliable operation they have experienced in the past 12 years with QIPC and this successful live production experience with use of the new technology were decisive factors in their decision process to continue to work with QIPC.
Luc Corbin, Manufacturing Efficiency Manager at Transcontinental Transmag in Anjou: “My first experience with QIPC’s solutions was in California in 2008 and then in Montreal on a newspaper press and more recently on a retail press. Still, we are pleased with the system and with the service assistance in case of possible problems. The system now running on the Colorman XXL press is getting older. Although the QI support team is always doing its best to support us, we decided an upgrade was necessary as we want to maintain the level of quality expected by our customers. We want to maximise our product quality with maximum efficiency at minimum manufacturing costs.”
The manroland Colorman XXL press will be equipped with mRC-3D camera’s for cut-off and colour and damp will be controlled by IDS-3D camera’s. This will be including smart pre-setting. The Intelligent Quality Management (IQM) system will provide real-time data on all quality related data of the printing process and will facilitate prompt decisions based on found facts.
“QIPC’s solutions are reliable, with which we are able to reach and maintain the level of quality expected by our customers. This together with the service provide we are very confident that the cooperation between both companies will be continued for many years to come,” Luc Corbin concludes.
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