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Mainpost is convinced by the press automation results of Q.I. Press Controls

Monday 10. February 2020 - The printing company of the German newspaper Mainpost is expanding its press automation with the systems of Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) in response to earlier convincing results. The mRC-3D and IDS-3D systems of the Dutch specialist in measurement and control equipment for the printing industry will be installed in Würzburg, in central Germany. The QIPC systems will make the press more reliable, efficient and of higher quality.

Convincing performance
The new order from Germany comes shortly after Mainpost’s printing works first became acquainted with QIPC’s press automation and is part of a general modernisation of the K&B Commander CT press. “The press expansion that Mainpost recently purchased included QIPC register and colour control,” says QIPC’s Area Sales Manager Harold Drinhuyzen. “When they experienced what that automation did for them on that extension, they were immediately convinced that they also needed QIPC press automation on the remaining part of their press”. Andreas Kunzemann, Technical Manager at Mainpost: “The convincing results and experiences on our first production line, made us decide relatively quick to retrofit the rest of the machine as well.”
Consistent, high quality
The mRC-3D system for colour register and cut-off register and the IDS-3D system for colour density control that will be installed on the K&B Commander CT press prepare the printing company for the future. Mainpost regularly works on behalf of third parties. “The demand for consistent, high quality printing is increasing,” says Andreas Kunzemann. “In addition, we like to limit the number of waste copies as much as possible. That’s why we needed to invest in new press automation”.
In addition to the Mainpost, the Schweinfurter Tagblatt, Schweinfurter Volkszeitung, Hassfurter Tagblatt, Bote vom Hassgau and the Volksblatt are printed in Würzburg. They will all be able to count on an increased quality of their productions. During the printing process, Mainpost, which employs around a thousand people, can also count on increased process stability. “The most important thing for us is the high availability and reliability of the QIPC system,” emphasizes Andreas Kunzemann.
A total of 8 mRC-3D and 4 IDS-3D cameras will be installed in Würzburg. Andreas Kunzemann is very confident about the new press automation: “Also because we have talked to many other printers who were positive about QIPC’s systems.” And he is not only satisfied on a technical level, also when it comes to service and support: “Because the system is completely new to us, we still need some guidance from QIPC. We have noticed that QIPC is doing that too”.
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