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LFP - Large-Format-Printing

Mutoh EMEA presents XpertJet Pro series sign and display printers

Both single-head CMYK printers feature brand new printhead technology, a new printing algorithm and Mutohs original VerteLith RIP software, which significantly increases both print quality and print speed. The XpertJet Pro series printers also feature an automatic alignment function that ensures uninterrupted production and consistent quality.


Textile Printing

aeoon cancels participation at ISS

The global pandemic continues to create a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the global marketplace. Austria has recently experienced new travel restriction which we do not see being lifted anytime soon, especially with the onset of a new virus mutation - Omicron.


Finishing & Screen Printing

Stickershop Installs a Titanium Cutter 2.5 x 1.6 meter

The company has been growing steadily since it began and now employs eight people. Stickershop plant list includes an impressive array of seven Roland Wide Format Print and Cut Printers, (five VG640 Solvent ink, two LEC2-640 UV ink) and a Ricoh Digital Production Colour Printer.



Creating intelligent packaging solutions for a global market

Located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, Golden Packaging (Golden Pak) has many years of rich service experience in the ice cream industry, as well as providing all kinds of packaging equipment for many leading enterprises in the cold beverage industry such as Meiji, Walls, Nestle, Yili, Mengniu, Bright Dairy, Hongbaolai, and Baxi.



INX International debuts new XJL UV Curable Inkjet Inks

INX International Ink Co. introduced a new addition to the TRIANGLE brand of alternative inks. XJL UV Curable pigmented inks are a cost efficient, fast curing and low odor formulation that delivers performance using Xeikon Jetrion 4830, 4900 and 4950LX series digital label printers.


Newspaper & Mailroom

Schibsted presents Future Report 2022

In Schibsted Future Report 2022, Schibsted reveals predictions and key trends related to tech, business and people. Its written by employees who share ideas and insights regarding topics we believe will have an impact on our world in the coming years.

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