Textile Printing

Textile printing at SGI Dubai 2020

Thursday 28. February 2019 - Digital textile printing has already captured the attention of designers, fabric companies and traditional textile print companies. However, there is still much mystery surrounding the technologies on offer.

SGI Dubai 2020 show, the biggest and most comprehensive exhibition catering not only to the signage and textile printing markets in the region and beyond, will showcase digital textile printing technologies by different exhibitors.
There are different digital textile printing techniques around. It is hard for print service providers to decide which one fits best to their requirements. Traditionally, screen printing is used. However, inkjet printing makes its marks in the markets and its use increases as it offers low cost production of individual, personalized items.
Designers love the possibility of fast sampling while manufacturers like the idea of bringing their fabrics faster to market. Inkjet technology which is used in digital textile printing also enables high resolution prints, fine patterns and unlimited colour combinations.
The pressure from having to order xx tons of printed fabric as is the case in screenprinting is taken away by printing on textiles digitally. In addition, digital textile printing is sustainable as less ink waste is produced and high savings in energy and water are realized. Unlimited repeat size as it is not limited to the circumference of the rotary screen, is another benefit.
The material choice within digital printing has bypassed its former restrictions and next to any material can be digitally printed upon – from silk and cotton to polyester and even carpets.
At SGI Dubai 2020 exhibitors will showcase their solutions and techniques for applying ink on fabrics to achieve stunning results – from dye sublimation printing to direct-to-fabric or -garment. Watch out for announcements by the manufacturers as to which machines and technologies they will bring to the show at the World Trade Center in January next year. Especially in light of the upcoming Expo 2020 where demand for printed textiles will increase, it is a sustainable opportunity for the region’s print service providers to add to their portfolio.

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