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Applications and solutions for all at SGI Dubai 2019

Wednesday 26. September 2018 - SGI Dubai 2019 has something for everyone involved in printing, retail, hospitality, design, architecture and much more

SGI Dubai 2019 show, the biggest and most comprehensive exhibition catering not only to the signage and textile printing markets in the region and beyond, will cater to every need within the printing industry for indoor and outdoor signage, related areas and beyond.
Newest technologies will be on show. Among them UV-LED curing which apart from showing significant savings in terms of energy costs, also reduces the environmental impact. As UV-LED curing and its printers emit no ozone and VOCs, they are safe in nearly any environment adding to worker’s safety as well as reducing the climate impact. Nowadays, many suppliers offer this technology that in contrast to UV curing does not require any special exhausts. And UV-LED lights do not get “hot” but work at a modest temperature of around 27-30 degrees. So, in fact, UV-LED technology is not only hot, but also a “cool” technology to implement.
Large and very large format printing with eco-solvent, latex, solvent and other inks is not only mainstream, but the status quo at many print service providers. To stay at the forefront of new technologies in this market, a visit to SGI Dubai 2019 is a must.
Digital signage, the next frontier of targeted advertising is another of those hot technologies that have evolved in recent years. Imagine walking by a shop and the digital signage greets you and shows you personal and individual offers that you can pick up right at the shop you are just standing in front of. Changing traffic conditions, directly displayed at the road signs with an advisory on where traffic is easing and how long your journey will take. These are just some example of possibilities and applications…
Textile printing – not only on T-Shirts but also on nearly every fabric – will enhance not only businesses and their style but also the individual. Imagine your dream design coming true on your dress, your wallpaper, your curtains and in the rest of your house. Your individual coat of arms on the carpet or that of your company – no issues, just go ahead and order it. Fancy a makeover of your favourite chair? Ask the experts at SGI Dubai 2019 and you will be amazed what is possible.
Industrial printing such as on hard rigid materials is another topic. Want to remake your kitchen, but dreading having to rip all out and buy new furniture? Why do so when the furniture are still good. Just have your cupboard doors, tabletops etc printed on with the new design and colours. Take a peak at SGI Dubai 2019 and you will get further ideas on how to enhance your business, your home, your complete environment with print.
SGI Dubai 201 will take place from January 13 – 15, 2019 at the World Trade Center in Dubai (UAE).

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