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One week till SGI Dubai 2019 opens its doors

Monday 07. January 2019 - Preparation is key when attending a trade show. Have you thought about everything and done your work?

SGI Dubai 2019 show, the biggest and most comprehensive exhibition catering not only to the signage and textile printing markets in the region and beyond, stats in one week on January 13, 2019 in Dubai.
Attending a trade show is quite often stressing – so much to see, so many people to meet – and quite often not enough time to do all. However, with the right preparation it is easy to navigate the aisles at SGI Dubai 2019 and inform yourself as comprehensive as possible.
Part 1: First of inform yourself who will be at the show. You can find an exhibitor list at www.signmiddleeast.com
Then prepare a list of the companies and suppliers you want to see. Note down what you want to discuss with each of them.
List which topics – large format printing, textile printing, digital signage, finishing, prepress, 3D printing etc. – are of particular importance to your business and plan to visit these exhibitors early during your visit.
Contact the exhibitors of particular interest before the show and arrange for a meeting.
Plan in ample transition time from one meeting to another.
Part 2: Be sure that you are aware of the future direction of your business, how you want to achieve success and mark those exhibitors that might be able to help you in your floor plan. This way you will be able to quickly navigate the show and take an efficient route that encompasses all your predefined interests.
Part 3: As there always will be some surprises, new machines, exhibitors at shows, plan for some “browsing” time – where you can walk along the aisles without any time pressure, looking at exhibits that are not “on your list” but that could help your business to strive. Quite often you discover the one or other solution to a pressing issue at your shop of which you have not been consciously aware beforehand. Do not shy away from exhibitors that you do not know – a successful business relation always starts with the unknown.
Thus prepared, you should be able to have a successful trade show visit and enable your business to strive.

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