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SGI Dubai 2019 is the place to be in January 2019

Thursday 18. October 2018 - A host of new solutions, applications and all that has to do with retail, hospitality, POS, textile, signage and digital printing can be seen during the show at Dubai World Trade Center.

SGI Dubai 2019 show, the biggest and most comprehensive exhibition catering not only to the signage and textile printing markets in the region and beyond, welcomes visitors from all over the world in January during the exhibition that once again is a window towards all things advertising and related industries.
SGI Dubai is one of the longest running shows in the region and has its focal points on wide format printing, digital signage, outdoor and indoor media, as well as digital printing and the traditional screen printing industry. As the trade show of the year for print service providers, many exhibitors take the opportunity to introduce new and more sophisticated machinery and software.
In addition, SGI Dubai sets the trend for the year to come. It is said that whatever business atmosphere is there, will most likely prevail over the year.
Printers from not only UAE and the Middle East, but more often than not Africa and southeast Asia increasingly make SGI Dubai a must attend show. Those trade visitors not only enjoy the cordial and friendly atmosphere during the show but also the Dubai Shopping Festival, of which SGI Dubai is a part.
During this years exhibition many manufacturers are not only offering hardware or software but also present new and enticing applications for sign makers, print service providers, architects, real estate developers, media agencies, brand and image consultants among others.
Digital technology has long been accepted in the industry. However, restrictions as to speed, materials among others have been holding creatives back for a bit. Next years edition proves all those wrong that think that not nearly everything is possible to be printed or produced.
Print service providers, no matter whether they engage in indoor, outdoor, textile printing or even digital signage can get their creative mind flowing by all the new applications that are on show thus not only being able to secure new clientele but also increase their business offerings.
SGI Dubai 201 will take place from January 13 – 15, 2019 at the World Trade Center in Dubai (UAE).

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