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Canon imagePROGRAF TC-20:New A1+ wide format desktop printer

Thursday 19. January 2023 - Canon is launching a new wide format desktop printer. The imagePROGRAF TC-20 targets the short-run market, which includes architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) offices, educational institutions and the hospitality industry.

The new desktop printer delivers high quality, detailed drawings from A4 to A1+ paper size. Its user-friendly design and super-slim, compact chassis with automatic sheet feeder (ASF) make it ideal for small or temporary office spaces, as well as hybrid workers who work in the office and from home. The new 70ml four-colour pigment ink bottles simplify printer maintenance, and free software with advanced design templates helps even the most inexperienced create sophisticated layouts. The imagePROGRAF TC-20 is available now for a recommended retail price of €990.
– Large yet compact at only 96.8 x 52.5 x 24.5 cm
– Target group architecture, engineering and construction offices (AEC), educational institutions and the hotel and catering industry
– Prints from single sheet and roll from A4 to A1+
– Free software
– Sustainability: low power consumption, recyclable material
The Canon imagePROGRAF TC-20 is a compact desktop large format printer that can be conveniently placed on a desk or shelf in the office or home. It supports continuous printing of up to 100 A4 or up to 50 A3 sheets on plain paper or roll paper up to A1+ size for printing engineering, design and survey drawings and sales literature. It comes with a simple, easy-to-use and free software solution, Direct Print Plus, which ensures superior print quality. This quality is comparable to that of higher-end models in the imagePROGRAF series.
Laura Hennigfeld, Canon Germany’s Marketing Manager for Production Printing, sums it up: “With its compact design, the new imagePROGRAF TC-20 is the ideal choice for modern working as it fits easily into small spaces without compromising on print quality. It also comes with job submission software that is compatible with other imagePROGRAF models and supports hybrid working. Its practical design allows for easy user maintenance and it can deliver detailed drawings for the AEC, education and hospitality industries. It helps businesses become independent of service providers with flexible and responsive solutions to future-proof themselves.”
Large format printing in a small space
The space-saving design of the iPF TC-20 is ideal for working in the home office when large format printing is required. With compact dimensions of 968×525×245 mm, the printer easily fits on a desk or shelf. The design allows all print-related operations, such as loading paper and refilling ink, to be performed from the front. Unlike many other large format printers, the roll holder is shaftless, making it easy to reload roll paper, especially in small spaces. The roll holders can be easily inserted and locked on two sides
The free PosterArtist web application1 makes it easy to create posters and flyers. This is ideal for the hospitality industry such as restaurants and retail outlets that want to print posters and menus themselves. “PosterArtist” offers a wide range of templates to suit a variety of needs. Ready-made layouts with changeable text and images are offered, making it easy for even the inexperienced to create original layouts themselves.
Excellent output for paper sizes from A1+ to A4
Like the higher-end models in the imagePROGRAF range, the new printer comes with free Direct Print Plus software. This can be used to check the layout of multiple files in a variety of file formats including PDF, JPEG and TIFF. Thanks to the on-screen preview, designs can be printed directly without having to launch a special application. By simply selecting the paper source within Direct Print Plus or an alternative printer driver, it is possible to switch between roll paper and cut sheets and easily print in different sizes such as A4, A3 and A1+. The automatic sheet feeder (ASF) can continuously print on A3 or A4 size paper.
All four inks are colour pigment inks, providing excellent quality and vivid colours. They enable the output of high-resolution drawings at home with exactly the same ease of use as in the office. By using pigment inks, drawings are more durable and robust when used outdoors. Also, very thin lines and small characters can be reproduced clearly in drawings.
Monitor consumables with smartphone
The imagePROGRAF TC-20 is equipped with a large ink tank that enables continuous printing and uses 70ml ink bottles for all four colours – black, cyan, magenta and yellow – to reduce the frequency and hassle of ink refills. The Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY2 app allows the remaining amount of roll paper and ink to be checked on a smartphone. This allows a quick response to a required paper change or ink refill. It can also be used to update the firmware to keep the printer up to date.
The ink bottles have been designed to prevent ink refill errors by providing a different bottle shape for each colour and indicating the colour at the inlet of each bottle. In addition, their design has been created to make them easy to install – by simply inserting them into the tank inlet, the ink starts to fill up and when a certain level is reached, this is automatically stopped. There is also a mechanism to prevent ink spillage.
The PIXMA Cloud Link feature in this app also allows you to print documents that are filed or stored in the cloud. For example, a drawing created in a design office and stored in the cloud can be printed from a smartphone at a temporary construction site and shared with employees on site.
Designed with sustainability in mind
The imagePROGRAF TC-20 contributes to sustainability goals by having lower power consumption – 28W or less in operation. It also contains less packaging material and easily recyclable ink bottles. Due to its environmental benefits, including the fact that recycled plastic is used in its design, the imagePROGRAF TC-20 has been classified as a ‘Gold’ product under the US EPEAT3 environmental rating system, the highest registration level in the imaging equipment sector.

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