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Postpress processing with Ferag: a number of options – combine them any way you want

Wednesday 20. October 2021 - In recent years, Ferag AG has created a complete technology portfolio for postpress processing of periodicals through continuous product development. As a result, Ferag customers can react appropriately at any time to changes in the market.

Add inserts efficiently
One of the most important trends of late is forming insert collections for hand distribution or inserting them in various carrier products.
Ferag sets new standards in efficiency when it comes to processing advertising inserts for freesheets and weeklies. Various inserting drums offering both the highest speeds and the greatest amount of flexibility are available, such as the EasySert ESR or the RollSert RSD. The variable opening systems of the EasySert manage even the most difficult jobs, like opening very thin carrier products.
The JetFeeder hoppers can process all kinds of advertising brochures and magazines ergonomically and with high precision. The modular FlyStream collection system also has a repair system that returns incomplete collections back into circulation and thus ensures 100% quality. Seamless production in zones also increases efficiency and improves net production substantially.
Stable gripping units can be formed even without carrier products or a separate main jacket with Ferag TapeFix: every week, millions of advertising supplements that have been collected via machine are then fastened and bundled with detachable adhesive strips using this technology.
Production management at a touch
Ferag developed the Navigator control software to ensure that controlling and visualizing production and processes is a snap. Thanks to its intuitive interface data can be entered, production modes controlled and quality controls carried out at a touch. Generic plugins enable interfaces for all third-party components. The Optimizer, a Navigator control application, optimizes production at the push of a button: several algorithms running in the background calculate the perfect production strategy in seconds.
With Navigator, inserting and gathering for every region, every town, every street and even every household can be precisely observed and monitored. These options make not only micro-zoning possible, but also “guaranteed personalization” and bundle formation according to delivery route sequences.
The UTR universal paced conveyor, which connects the Ferag finishing modules, is comprised of grippers that can be addressed separately, ensuring the assignment of a particular collection, even during the transition from one processing step to the next.
Create added value
Ferag technology can create true added value in finishing. For example, it is possible to stitch inline at full speed with the Ferag StreamStitch stitching drum and to trim on three sides with the help of the Ferag SNT-50 trimming drum. The modules – like the Ferag TriLiner for applying MemoSticks and cards, which can be placed anywhere – are optimally coordinated.
These solutions not only expand the postpress processing options, they are tailored to one another in such a way that the flexibility of the production plants and the associated product portfolio grows exponentially.
High performance for the magazine market
The Ferag UniDrum system is unmatched in terms of speed and flexibility for the industrial finishing of magazines in the high-performance segment. With production speeds of up to 40,000 copies for A4 products, the UniDrum reaches the highest level of efficiency and reduces unit costs to a minimum. Combined with the SNT50 trimming drum and the proven inserting drum technology, products can be trimmed and inserted with no loss of speed. Single copy addressing and foil wrapping can also be integrated if necessary.
Monitoring and support
The Ferag Summarizer software enables browser-based production monitoring even with a mobile device. This requires a Beckhoff control system in the relevant machine. The Summarizer shows, for example, the progress and the speed of production through to the calculation of the overall equipment effectiveness (availability, productivity, quality). The production process and any faults that occur are periodically archived and saved for a certain period of time.
In order to ensure the best possible support for its customers and the optimal use of the technology, Ferag and its sales companies and service organizations can be found around the world. Whenever technical support is needed, its service technicians are there. In addition, Ferag provides support by phone and remote support with its 24/7 hotline.
Sensible retrofit
Ferag systems are known for the robustness and long service life. Even when they are in operation 24/7 for years. For this reason, retrofit solutions by Ferag are highly efficient: with a retrofit package, Ferag systems can continue to meet their demanding requirements for many more years to come. Both individual machines and entire production systems can be retrofitted. Retrofits provide customers with the latest developments in terms of mechanics, electronics and software. And because Ferag modules from different generations can be combined without any problem whatsoever, they can also be combined to form optimal, cost-effective overall systems.
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