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Ellemoi Kanto sees production speed and capacity boosted after BOBST MASTERCUT 106 PER install

Monday 02. August 2021 - Japanese converter, Ellemoi Kanto, has enhanced its die-cutting capabilities and productivity after investing in a BOBST MASTERCUT 106 PER- the first of its kind in Japan. Almost 20 years after first purchasing a BOBST die-cutter, Ellemoi Kanto once again turned to BOBST.

“When we first bought the SP 104 ER all those years ago, it was one of the fastest on the market, with a maximum speed of 8,000 sheets per hour,” said Mr. Hideyuki Matsumoto, Plant Manager at Ellemoi Kanto. “Recently, with demand for ever faster turnaround times and even higher quality standards, we found that the SP 104 ER was creating a bottleneck in production. We recognised the need to increase productivity while ensuring quality was maintained.
“The maximum speed of the MASTERCUT 106 PER, at 11,000 sheets per hour, made this an attractive investment choice. We knew that if we upgraded our printing presses and converting lines in future, the MASTERCUT would be able to handle any change. Essentially, we have future-proofed our production line with one key investment.”
Ellemoi Kanto is part of the Kami Shoji K.K Group which employs more than 1,100 people across Japan. The company supplies tissue, toilet rolls and incontinence products, along with other hygiene products.
Mr. Matsumoto added: “When I first decided that we were going to need to invest in a second die-cutter, I originally considered the EXERTCUT 106 PER and I went to see this machine in action at BOBST in Switzerland. While there, I was provided with a full factory tour and saw the MASTERCUT too. I knew that I wanted to buy the fastest machine available, as speed and production were the main reasons I was in the market for a new die-cutter. During the demonstration, a BOBST specialist transferred the tooling from the EXERTCUT 106 PER and put it on the MASTERCUT 106 PER. I found it very impressive to see that without any alteration on the tooling, the MASTERCUT could run at the maximum speed of 11,000 sheets per hour.”
The new MASTERCUT 106 PER was installed earlier this year, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, installation went smoothly.
“Our ethos at Ellemoi Kanto is to always act with vision and stay one step ahead,” said Mr. Matsumoto. “The MASTERCUT is enabling us to live that philosophy. In the months since it was installed, we are already seeing a significant increase in production capacity.
“Thanks to this investment, we are also looking to move to one-man operation for this machine which will free up a valuable resource in the business to support efforts elsewhere on the production floor,” said Mr. Matsumoto.
Ellemoi Kanto is focused on creating more sustainable operations and processes moving forward.
Mr. Matsumoto believes the MASTERCUT will be an integral part of this company culture change.
“It brings a new level of efficiency and automation to our business to support our efforts in reducing waste and ensuring first-time right production.”
MASTERCUT 106 PER is the most highly automated and ergonomic die-cutters on the market. The top-of-the-range machine delivers unmatched productivity thanks to fast, uninterrupted production and short set-up times, while also ensuring supreme quality.
It is the only die-cutter that can be set from just a single point of control and automates functions from ‘feeder to delivery’. This translates to minimal operator intervention during operation. Stripping and blanking tools settings are automated thanks to the new MATIC Plus system, which uses cameras to measure the position of tools and then aligns them automatically in register to the printed sheet. Jam detection and settings have also been automated, as has the non-stop rack system in the delivery section.
As a ‘next-generation’ die-cutter, MASTERCUT can incorporate TooLink, a platform that connects the die-cutter with a digital ID that enables instant recognition through the machine’s HMI. The machine automatically detects chip-equipped tools and provides a production-ready job recipe, leading to both waste and time savings of up to 15 minutes during job changeovers. It also allows automatic job recall without any operator intervention.
Ellemoi Kanto invested in BOBST Helpline Plus remote assistance service when purchasing the machine. Helpline Plus enables BOBST experts to access machines via a secure internet connection, enabling them to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues remotely. In this way, customers can reduce costs and minimise the need to call a BOBST technician by up to 80%.
“BOBST has been able to solve our challenges in production and I feel assured and confident that should any complications arise in the future, the team is on hand to support us and our customers,” Mr. Matsumoto concluded.
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