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Jaymar Packaging strengthens its competitive edge with BOBST VISIONFOLD 110 folder-gluer

Tuesday 20. July 2021 - Since the latest machine, a BOBST VISIONFOLD 110 A2, was installed, Gary Marsh, Production Director at Jaymar Packaging, said customers had benefitted from improved reliability and faster turnaround times, while the business had been able to enjoy greater flexibility in production

Leading carton board packaging manufacturer, Jaymar Packaging, has shored up production at its Cheshire site after investing in a fourth BOBST folder-gluer
Supplying into a wide range of sectors, Jaymar Packaging has prided itself on providing bespoke, often complex and unique, packaging solutions to customers. “Certainly, in terms of production, the BOBST VISIONFOLD has enabled us to operate more efficiently and provided us with much needed capacity that has delivered great benefits to customers,” said Gary.
“As a business, one of our unique selling points has always been short lead times and fast turnarounds. Before this latest folder-gluer was installed, we were at risk of losing our competitive edge in those areas.”
Jaymar Packaging placed the machine order with BOBST just before the UK entered its first lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. The company had won new customers and seen existing accounts grow, prompting the investment. Most recently, Jaymar Packaging and customers have been responding to the impact of Brexit which has led to shorter runs, more frequently.
After evaluating a very competitive market and conducting trials, Jaymar Packaging deemed the BOBST VISIONFOLD 110 A2 the only folder-gluer suitable for its needs and capable of delivering the challenging and diverse range of 4-corner cartons the company is known for. The machine is complemented by the latest glue system which makes operation as well as integration simple and straightforward.
“Most likely a reflection of uncertainties in markets around the world, we have received many more orders for smaller volumes. This is where the VISIONFOLD has really held its own in bringing about greater flexibility and versatility to the production floor.”
Gary added: “We have increased capacity and throughput by 20%, without compromising the quality and accuracy that we are known for. We can do so much more in the same amount of time because we have the extra machine to run jobs. The biggest impact has been on make-readies and set-up times; before we were having to do these 2-3 times and now it’s only once because of the extra capacity provided by the BOBST VISIONFOLD.”
The BOBST VISIONFOLD 110 A2 is a multi-purpose folder-gluer that can handle all Jaymar Packaging’s production formats, including cartons, sleeves, 4-corner trays and litho-laminated jobs. Highly adaptable, the folder-gluer offers a highly stable and precise folding process, even at high speeds. Durable and cost efficient, the machine maximises uptime and delivers a finished product with superior quality.
“The machine integrated seamlessly into our production line,” said Gary. “Having three other BOBST folder-gluers meant the operators were familiar with the set-up but the BOBST team were able to bring our team up to speed with new features and capabilities. We needed a machine that would be able to handle the complex nature of the cartons and products we manufacture, at speed, and the BOBST VISIONFOLD hasn’t let us down.”
Lee Alton, Area Sales Manager, Business Unit Printing & Converting, has supported Jaymar for the past 16 years. In 2005, as a BOBST folder-gluer product specialist, Lee demonstrated Jaymar Packaging’s first BOBST folder-gluer investment to the team there.
He said: “Since 2005 I have been proud to be part of every BOBST investment made by Jaymar Packaging, working with our team and their team to ensure each machine was the right purchase at the right time for them and their customers. From time to time, I’ve even been able to be hands on myself again. This is always enjoyable and helps me to better understand Jaymar’s requirements and challenges at every step of the folding-gluing process, while enhancing a very good industry partnership with the staff and management of Jaymar.”
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