Metsä Board: New demo brochure shows impressive graphic prints

Tuesday 03. November 2020 - Packaging and graphics professionals are constantly looking for new ways to attract consumers. Often there is an artistic vision and a tactile feeling that the printed product should convey. This can be achieved through modern printing techniques, which allow for different tactile and tactile properties.

But the cardboard used must also have excellent technical properties. To help professionals looking for inspiring special effects for their packaging or graphic work, Metsä Board, a leading European producer of premium fresh fibre board and a member of the Metsä Group, has now created its own masterpiece.
The new demo brochure “Creating an artistic vision on paperboard” combines a comprehensive range of special effects – from different hot foil printing techniques to highly sophisticated micro-embossing. It also shows different methods for creating a metallic look: From more economical and simple to more expensive and detailed, including hot foil stamping with overprint, gold and silver hot foil stamping in combination with embossing, and clear holographic hot foil on print with multi-layer embossing.
“To realise an artistic vision, the board quality must have excellent printing and converting properties. Only in this way can a realistic result be achieved. Our brochure is a visible proof that our folding cartonboard can compete with commonly used SBS board grades when it comes to graphic applications,” says Marko Leiviskä, Graphic Packaging Designer at Metsä Board. “The brochure also challenges traditional printing methods. A good example is the belief that UV inks and UV offset are needed to print on a film. But if you choose the right film, it is also possible to use traditional water-based offset printing”.
The demo brochure was produced with MetsäBoard Prime FBB Bright 355 g/m2, a lightweight and sustainable premium board available with PEFCTM or FSC© certification. The brochure was printed using Grano’s offset printing process, while Starcke created the special effects. Both companies are based in Finland. “Our ambition in designing and producing this brochure was really high. We used 26 press runs to demonstrate the full range. This enabled us to achieve all the effects we wanted to show,” concludes Marko Leiviskä.
Those interested can request their own copy from their local Metsä Board sales representative.
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