Fragrance brand Nakuna choses Metsä Boards paperboard

Thursday 09. April 2020 - The new Finnish luxury fragrance brand Nakuna Helsinki aims to conquer the international market with its Finnish inspired and premium quality perfumes. The company worked closely with Metsä Board, the leading European producer of fresh fibre paperboards and part of Metsä Group, to create perfume packaging that reflects its brand concept and brand values.

Finnish premium fragrance brand combines responsibility and luxury into its packaging by choosing Metsä Board’s lightweight paperboard
Nakuna Helsinki was founded in 2019 by Anu Igoni and Jaakko Veijola, creative directors in design and marketing. The new perfume series is the result of a unique collaboration with Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrances company. Five unique scents have been created to reflect unique northern Finnish experiences, such as a chilling dip in the open water, mid-summer magic or the thrill of rally driving.
It was important for the entrepreneurs that the story and values ??of the brand were also expressed in the packaging. According to Veijola, Finland is a pioneer in sustainability and the packaging design team at Metsä Board was ideally positioned to be a key partner. “Fragrance is a luxury product, with long-lasting and carefully thought-out ingredients. We wanted to extend the same sustainable thinking to our packaging, so we chose our paperboard and packaging solutions accordingly,” said Veijola.
The packaging is non-plastic and glueless, as well as fully recyclable. It delivers a memorable opening experience with thoughtful and detailed packaging components with each piece of packaging contributing to the journey to the product itself. The paperboard chosen for the packaging is lightweight and durable, and its surface brings a luxurious naturalness to the packaging while allowing for demanding printing solutions as well as special effects such as gold foil.
MetsäBoard Natural FBB 270 g/m2 folding boxboard was used for the packaging and the sleeve. The inner structure is constructed using lightweight and strong microflute that is made of MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright white kraftliner. The packaging was manufactured by Finnish Cadpack.
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