Metsä Boards paperboard grades receive new certifications for home compostability

Friday 30. October 2020 - Metsä Board, a leading European manufacturer of premium virgin fiber board and part of the Metsä Group, is proud to present two of its folding boxboard grades - MetsäBoard Natural FBB and MetsäBoard Pro FBB OBAfree - and two food service grades - MetsäBoard Natural FSB Cup and MetsäBoard Pro FSB Cup - have now received NF T 51-800 certification for home compostability.

The eco-barrier board from MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB already has this certification.
“We are very proud that four more Metsä Board board grades have now received certification for home compostability. Of course, in the interests of the circular economy, our primary goal is that cardboard qualities are recycled after use. But where recycling is not possible, compostability is the next best option, “explains Helena Moring-Vepsäläinen, Product Safety Manager at Metsä Board.
All of Metsä Board’s board grades, with the exception of the PE-coated grades, have already received certifications for industrial compostability in accordance with DIN EN 13432 and ASTM D6400. All qualities are made from pure fresh fibers that come from sustainably managed northern European forests. They are also lightweight, reduce the carbon footprint across the entire supply chain and are particularly recyclable. In this way, they make an important contribution to compliance with the principles of the circular economy.
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