Arctic Blue Gin packaging designed by Metsä Board wins ScanStar Award

Friday 18. September 2020 - The packaging design for the Arctic Blue Gin was created by Metsä Board, a leading European producer of premium fresh fibre board and a member of the Metsä Group. The packaging features an impressive aurora borealis-inspired motif with a holographic effect and is made of lightweight MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright folding board.

The Arctic Blue Gin packaging, designed with an aurora borealis motif, has won a ScanStar 2020 Award. The Scandinavian competition was organised by the Association of Finnish Packaging Companies.
Metsä Board developed the packaging structure, original graphics and embossing. The aurora borealis motif is printed on Envirofoil, a plastic-free material with holographic metallisation effect developed by US paper manufacturer Hazen. It uses only 1% of the aluminium used in ordinary foil laminates, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. Printing and production are in the hands of AM Lithography Corporation.
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