Fruity online shipping: Thimm and buah create packaging with creative internal printing

Monday 20. November 2023 - For the online shipping of freeze-dried fruits, Thimm developed sustainable gift packaging for the company buah. The new cardboard boxes stand out through their attractive design, in particular through the eye-catching internal printing.

The corrugated cardboard packaging solution contains two storage jars filled with fruit and a pair of wooden tongs as an extra.
The Bavarian start-up buah has specialised in freeze-dried fruit since 2015 and sells it via its own online shop. With a clear reference to its name – “buah” means “fruit” in Indonesian – the company relies on sustainable packaging solutions from Thimm who has developed an environmentally friendly product box for the sale of fruit in gift sets. This contains freeze-dried kiwis and sour cherries in reusable glass jars. A pair of wooden tongs is also included to remove the fruit.
The two-part corrugated cardboard packaging consists of a folding lid box as an outer box and an inlay. Both components are made of EE-flute and have been designed to fit precisely. The inlay serves both as transport protection and for product presentation, so no additional packaging material is required.
The brown exterior of the boxes is printed in one colour using efficient direct printing. The full-surface colourful interior is the highlight of the packaging and has been produced using the digital printing process. This internal printing not only improves the perception of the products, but also presents the brand buah. This gives customers a positive experience when they open the packaging and also makes it an effective marketing tool for presenting the buah products and brand. After use, the corrugated cardboard boxes can be easily integrated into the recycling process or used by customers as a sustainable storage solution.
The freeze-dried fruits are currently available exclusively from the online shop. Thimm is currently developing a display solution together with buah to support the company’s entry into the bricks-and-mortar retail sector.
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