Transport bikes safely packed: Thimm presents innovative cargo bike packaging

Wednesday 08. September 2021 - Thimm is presenting innovative packaging for cargo bikes at this years Eurobike trade show. The versatile printable packaging made from sustainable corrugated cardboard enables a fast and simple assembly and picking process along with high levels of safety during transportation.

In large cities in particular cargo bikes are increasingly being used as an alternative to cars and as well as families and delivery services, tradesmen are also now using the practical means of transport. Thimm has developed innovative transportation packaging made from corrugated cardboard to ensure that the bulky and heavy vehicles reach the recipient undamaged. This packaging can be configured individually for every type of cargo bike, as Michael Weber, Head of Corporate Strategy + Marketing, explains: “Our cargo bike packaging is flexible so it can be adapted to the specific requirements of our customers. It is therefore suitable for all types of cargo bikes, with or without electric drive and with two, three or four wheels. The packaging is also distinguished by its high level of transportation safety, stability and sustainability and, above all, it can be assembled and picked quickly.”
The packaging mainly consists of sustainable corrugated cardboard in BC-quality combined with a wooden pallet, recyclable connecting elements and a tension belt. Customary padding materials made of foam or film have been dispensed with. In their place stable padding and wheel fixings made from corrugated cardboard ensure optimum protection of the cargo bike during its transportation. The individual corrugated cardboard packaging pre-cuts are delivered flat-packed and bundled on the wooden pallet to manufacturers and retailers and can be assembled in just a few steps. The cargo bike is simply pushed into the base mounts made from corrugated cardboard and secured with the tension belt. This innovative design means that the heavy bike does not have to be lifted into the packaging from above. The outer packaging elements are then placed on both sides of the cargo bike and connected with plastic fasteners. The lid of the packaging is then simply fitted into place. Michael Weber explains the design: “Until now, packing up such bulky and heavy cargo bikes has often been a laborious task. The ease of use of Thimm’s cargo bike packaging saves a lot of time in the packing process. The packaging also provides optimum protection for the expensive goods from transportation damage and with the integrated pallet, it can be loaded into the transport vehicles of the freight forwarder compactly and securely.”
Since slot closures are used instead of adhesive tape to secure the individual components during the packing process, the packaging is not damaged when opened later with a cutter knife or similar. This means that it can also be reused for returns, such as for a leased bike. The packaging can then be easily disposed of due to the separable and recyclable materials. Weber explains further: “In addition to its functional purpose, good packaging with an attractive look also impresses: Our cargo bike packaging can be printed on the outside and the inside in many different designs and can be adapted to individual requirements. This contributes to creating a positive unpacking experience for the recipients of the goods.”
From 1 to 4 September 2021, interested trade show visitors can see the new product for themselves live as Thimm will be exhibiting the packaging in combination with a cargo bike from the company Radkutsche at this year’s international bicycle trade show Eurobike (Hall B1, Stand 106).
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