New barrier coatings for more sustainability in the packaging industry

Thursday 01. July 2021 - Follmann launches environmentally friendly alternative to plastic coatings for packaging. Not only disposable plastic packaging is harmful to the environment, but also paper and cardboard packaging with a film coating, as the film makes the recycling process more difficult or even impossible.

To offer packaging manufacturers an environmentally friendly alternative for plastic coatings, Follmann has developed water-based coatings that provide effective barrier protection against oils, greases and water.
In 2019, the EU adopted the Single-Use Plastics Directive with the aim of significantly reducing the pollution of nature by plastic waste. As a result, a marketing ban on many single-use plastic products, such as plastic plates and cutlery, plastic drinking straws or plastic beverage cups, will already apply from this year. A rethink is therefore currently taking place in the food and packaging industry. Plastic films, which make the recycling process extremely difficult or even impossible, are to be replaced by more sustainable alternatives.
Water-based coatings as an alternative to plastic films
“To provide concrete relief and offer the industry an environmentally friendly alternative, we have developed water-based coatings especially for paper and cardboard packaging that offer effective barrier protection against oils, fats and water,” says Tim Schwier, Team Leader New Business Development at Follmann. Our new FOLCO LAC brand barrier coatings, which are suitable for gravure and flexo printing, not only make a decisive contribution to sustainability and meet regulatory requirements, but also satisfy the highest demands for high-quality printing results.
The new Barrie coatings are already being used successfully by a French company that recently switched from disposable plastic salad trays to sustainable paper salad trays. “The coating we developed for the salad trays was convincing in a machine test and the required barrier protection against water (COBB values), oil (KIT values) and vinegar was also proven in corresponding tests,” says Tim Schwier.
Of course, the new FOLCO LAC barrier coatings from Follmann can be used for many different products and adapted for further applications. “The development and manufacture of sustainable products to protect the environment and out of a sense of responsibility towards current and future generations is a high priority for our company,” says Dr Jörg Seubert, Managing Director of Follmann. “That’s why we are continuously working on adding new environmentally friendly products to our portfolio and are convinced that we can always offer our customers the right solutions, such as in the case where composite systems made of films are to be replaced, thus enabling recycling and reuse.”
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