New range of printing inks from Follmann

Friday 07. August 2020 - The family-owned company from Minden in Westphalia is now offering its customers a new range of water-based printing inks for flexible packaging made of plastic and aluminium, for packaging made of paper or cardboard, for napkins and table decoration and hygiene products.

“We are working consistently to constantly develop our products and make them even better – especially with regard to their sustainability. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer our customers new water-based gravure and flexographic printing inks for various applications,” says Roland Geiselhart, Director Business Unit Print + Packaging at Follmann.
Follmann’s new range comprises optimised pigment concentrates that are universally suitable as basic components for a very wide range of applications. Coloured concentrates and system blends are used to produce a ready-to-print ink that is optimally adjusted to the intended field of application and printing conditions. The combination of specially produced binding agents with raw materials available on the market has led to a new type of product quality. In the field of flexible packaging, the possible printing speed is constantly being critically questioned. “Optimized machine parameters combined with our latest ink qualities, however, today enable a production speed that in almost all cases corresponds to the usual or expected printing speed,” explains Roland Geiselhart.
In addition, ready-to-print primer white grades are available for flexible packaging, both for frontal printing applications and for interleaf printing. Follmann also offers other specialities such as a solvent-free primer for aluminium applications that can be overprinted with water-based or solvent-based printing inks. The advantage of the primer is the avoidance of solvents in the product and their emission during processing, even if solvent-based inks are used for further printing. Also new in the portfolio is a VOC-free white for shrink sleeve applications, which can also be used in combination with both water-based and solvent-based inks. Follmann has also expanded and optimised its range to include water-based printing inks for printing on paper and cardboard. This opens up a wide range of applications such as printing baker’s bags, gift wrapping paper or corrugated board in direct and pre-print. Other paper-based products such as napkins, table decoration products and hygiene products can also be printed with the inks of the new range. It goes without saying that the current regulatory requirements are fully met.
Follmann printing inks guarantee high colour quality and brilliance. At the same time, however, they are more environmentally friendly than conventional solvent-based printing ink ranges, as they are VOC-free. They therefore help to reduce CO2 emissions. For the user, all explosion protection measures that are mandatory when using solvent-based systems are no longer necessary. The transport of water-based paint systems does not pose any risk of fire or explosion. Furthermore, the user is not exposed to solvent emissions on site. By eliminating solvent emissions, they offer added value in terms of occupational health and safety at the workplace. A reduction in overall costs is achieved because thermal exhaust air purification (afterburning) is not required when processing water-based printing inks. No additional solvent is required for dilution and permanent adjustment of the required printing viscosity; this function is performed by water.
As a member, Follmann is bound by the exclusion policy of the European Printing Ink Association (EuPiA) and has thus committed itself to contributing to health protection and the safe use of printing inks and printed products, over and above the legal requirements.
“In addition to social responsibility, environmental protection, resource-conserving production and responsible use of energy have top priority for us. It is therefore a matter of course for us to adhere to high standards and to continuously develop our products for the benefit of sustainability,” says Dr. Jörg Seubert, Managing Director of Follmann. “The fact that we are on a very good path with this is also proven by the last certification by EcoVadis at the end of 2019, in which we achieved Gold status in the overall assessment and thus rank among the best 10% of the companies assessed by EcoVadis in our industry”.
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