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Thursday 29. October 2020 - Skymark Packaging International wins bronze at the EFIA 2020 Print Awards for a promotional packaging printed with water-based inks from Follmann. As early as 2019 Follmann and the British printer Skymark Packaging International produced a joint advertising medium to draw attention to the benefits of water-based inks.

In September this year, Skymark was awarded bronze for this flexible packaging in the category “Technical Innovations – Printers” at the EFIA 2020 Print Awards.
Follmann’s water-based printing inks, which have been specially developed for flexo and gravure printing on flexible packaging substrates such as film, aluminium and paper, ensure excellent colour quality and brilliance with a high level of environmental compatibility. In addition, they are very cost-effective and have no negative impact on the ambient air due to the absence of solvents. Skymark Packaging International, a printing company based in Scunthorpe (UK), has also recognised these and other advantages and therefore, last year, together with Follmann, produced a promotional packaging, namely a flexible packaging for wet wipes printed with Follmann’s aqueous inks. “With this packaging example we can perfectly demonstrate how brilliant and high quality Follmann’s environmentally friendly inks are,” says Paul Neath, Operations Director at Skymark.
The jury of the EFIA 2020 Print Awards was also convinced by this. In the category “Technical Innovations – Printers”, Skymark was awarded bronze in September this year for this promotional packaging.
“We are delighted that Skymark, the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of high quality flexible packaging materials, appreciates the benefits of our water-based inks and is taking the first steps in developing the use of environmentally friendly water-based inks. The current award at the EFIA 2020 Print Awards also recognises the benefits of our water-based inks and we are confident that our inks will be used even more in the future,” says Roland Geiselhart, Director of the Print + Packaging business unit at Follmann.
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