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Print-Leeds establishes fourth division with Screens Truepress SAI S model – the first 7-colour device in the UK

Wednesday 03. March 2021 - With the installation of the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV SAI S 7-colour, the UK specialist printing house Print-Leeds is expanding its business. Thanks to its investment in Screens SAI technology, the company is launching a fourth division specialising in self-adhesive labels.

High-tech label specialist expands business and meets client demand for shorter print runs of self-adhesive labels, with Screen’s SAI S 7-colour
This will complement its existing focus on wet-glue labels, UV litho and digital print.
Print-Leeds is one of the largest printers of wet-glue labels in the UK, producing more than 200 million per year, many for the biggest drinks and food companies in the UK. Wet-glue labels are not glued until the time of application and are printed using UV or conventional inks. However, self-adhesive labels can be applied much quicker and on a wider variety of products. Print-Leeds owner and managing director, Rod Fisher says it was important to invest in the technology to serve this growing need: “Many clients were asking if we could also print self-adhesive labels digitally for shorter run productions.”
After a study round of several months, Print-Leeds chose the SAI technology, which was introduced by Screen in 2020. The Japanese word ‘SAI’ stands for colourful, referring to the consistent colours of the SAI during and between different print runs. The SAI builds on the technology of Screen’s successful Truepress Jet L350UV and L350UV+ digital label printer series.
The SAI S 7-colour is Print-Leeds’ third Screen Truepress, besides the Jet W3200UV HS it bought in 2015 and 2010. “We have a long-standing relationship with Screen. We trust the staff we deal with, and that’s worth a lot. The SAI S 7-colour has delivered with the same top-quality service we expected.”
“Since it was installed just before Christmas, we’ve done numerous quality trials for different customers. Everybody is happy with the vibrancy of the colours. On top of that, the SAI S 7-colour is capable of achieving a much wider range of Pantone colours thanks to its very wide colour gamut. Many beer labels have special colours, so we will be able to meet the growing demand of craft brewers and big brewers alike.”
Another advantage for the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV SAI S 7-colour were the set-up times. “They are so much quicker. When we print wet-glue labels, we have 500 to 1000 sheets for waste. That makes sense for a long run, but not for the shorter ones. With the SAI S 7-colour, we are looking at a waste of only 15 meters.”
Print-Leeds, which has a reputation as one of the most technically advanced printers in the UK, is proud to be the first printer in the UK to install a SAI S 7-colour. “With the new Screen machine and the three additional sales people we’ve hired to bring in the work for it, we’ve established a fourth division, alongside our wet-glue labels, UV litho and digital print. The machine is already opening up new avenues for us, in other sectors next to the beverage and food industries, such as cosmetics and the car industry.”
Print-Leeds was established by Rod Fisher in 2001. It started in a small factory of only 1,000 square feet, and moved three years ago to a 32,000 square feet, completely renovated plant. It has invested around £7m in new machinery in the last eight years, with the SAI S 7-colour being the latest addition to its top-tier technology.
With 30 employees, Print-Leeds has a turnover of £4 million, but Rod Fisher plans to double its size within two years. “We expect the economy to bounce back after the pandemic and we’ve made all the investments to be ready for it.”
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