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Screen and Lintec raise the bar for food packaging safety

Monday 07. September 2020 - As the interest in food packaging safety grows across the world, so does demand for package and label printing technology that protects packaged food from toxic substances. Responding to this trend and ever-stricter regulation, inkjet printer manufacturer Screen has teamed up with adhesives specialist Lintec to ensure the safety of low migration (low permeability) labels and adhesives for packaged food.

“We consider food packaging safety a responsibility of the entire supply chain. We therefore work with partners whenever possible to enhance the availability of safe and low migration packaging,” says Taishi Motoshige, Manager Sales & Operations at Screen Europe.
Building on decades of research and development of safe and efficient digital inkjet printing, Screen launched its new low migration label printer three years ago, the Truepress JetL350UV+ LM, which uses uniquely developed low migration inks that offer enhanced safety for food packaging applications. The printer is equipped with a nitrogen purge mechanism for accelerating the drying (also known as ‘curing’) of UV inks, further preventing ink migration. The Truepress JetL350UV+LM is popular in Europe, chosen by of dozens of print companies. “Interest in our low migration label print technology remains strong, even in corona times,” says Motoshige.
Choice of adhesives
Although low-migration labels are crucial for food packaging safety, the choice of adhesives used to stick the labels to packaging is also important.
Lintec, a leading developer of label materials for packaging, has been investing in R&D for years to continually improve its ultra-low migration adhesives. Now, Screen and Lintec have partnered to ensure their technologies work smoothly together, producing food and pharmaceutical labels and packaging fast, efficiently and in accordance with the highest regulatory standards.
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