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Campaign chooses Screen 520NX for its expanding transaction business

Monday 15. February 2021 - Screens technology helps German full-service company strengthen its position in consolidating market. German full-service direct marketing specialist Campaign has chosen the Screen Truepress 520NX to accommodate its growing transaction print business.

“The 520NX’s high productivity, its ability to print colour in one run and its favourable costs per printed page make it the right machine for our transaction business”, says Michael Tigges, Member of the Executive Board at Campaign.

The German transaction print sector, as in other developed markets, is decreasing in overall volume due the shift to online bank and other transactional statements. As a result, it has seen strong consolidation, dominated by a relatively small number of print companies. Campaign is one of the companies strengthening its position and has acquired more transactional work thanks to its strategic investment in innovative digital printing.
“The machine’s reliability, high up-time and print quality help us meet our customers’ requirement for high quality printing in short lead times”, he adds.
A subsidiary of Bertelsmann Printing Group, Campaign has worked with Screen digital equipment for several years. “The Screen 520NX is highly versatile, enabling us to print a wide variety of products efficiently and in a sustainable manner”, Tigges explains.
From its main location in Gütersloh, Campaign works for clients from various industries, including banks, insurance companies, telecommunications and energy suppliers, car manufacturers and international travel and retail companies. It has a strong focus on sustainability, running its business according to firm ecological guidelines and social responsibility criteria.
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