DG press & Siegwerk unveil the End-Product of the One-Pass Mono-Material Packaging Solution

Wednesday 08. May 2024 - In a recent project, DG press and Siegwerk cooperated in the development and realization of a mono-PE material coffee bag with enhanced oxygen barrier properties by applying a barrier coating, printing inks, and an OPV in all in one pass.

DG press, a leading manufacturer of hybrid web offset presses, and Siegwerk, a world-leading supplier of inks and coatings, proudly present the Mono-PE coffee bag.
In response to the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, DG press has developed a cutting-edge printing and coating platform for the food packaging industry designed to enhance the properties of mono-material packaging by applying functional coatings while simultaneously applying printed graphics and varnish in one pass.
An MDO-PE//PE film was provided with an oxygen barrier coating that was dried with hot air, after which electron beam-cured inks in offset technology were printed on top of it. Hereafter a matte OPV was applied over the printed graphics, which also provided good resistance to the high temperatures of the heat-seal bars. Besides an enhanced oxygen barrier the coating also provides fast and easy de-inking.
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