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DG press offers Mono-Material Packaging Printing with one-pass solution

Tuesday 26. March 2024 - DG press has developed a cutting-edge printing and coating platform for the food packaging industry designed to enhance the properties of mono-material packaging by applying functional coatings while simultaneously applying printed graphics and varnish in one pass.

DG press, a leading manufacturer of hybrid web offset presses, proudly announces the game-changing capabilities of their DG-AUXO press series. In response to the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions,
The flexible packaging industry is undergoing rapid transformation due to increasing awareness of environmental impact, and the resulting regulations for more circular and sustainable packaging solutions.
The integration of mono-materials with functional coatings has emerged as one of the important innovation directions, providing required barrier properties and, at the same time, easy deinking performance, leading to improved recyclability and a higher purity recyclate. For best efficiency, this approach requires a flexible and versatile printing platform capable of combining and applying various technologies in one pass.
With the DG-AUXO hybrid web offset press series, DG press has developed a print production platform that provides efficient solutions for handling these new and inventive material combinations. Utilizing energy-curable ink the DG-AUXO press series contributes to the elimination of solvent-based inks, resulting in a reduction in carbon footprint. The modular design of the DG-AUXO allows for combining multiple print technologies in a press configuration that facilitates a broad range of new and future packaging applications.
In a recent case study, DG press, together with their project partner Siegwerk, produced mono-PE material coffee packaging with an enhanced oxygen barrier. Siegwerk’s oxygen barrier coating, Cirkit Oxybar BC 1582, was applied onto a Mono-PE film structure, achieving a reduction of the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) that surpasses the OTR of some similar structures with traditional barrier layers. Besides enhancing the oxygen barrier properties of the mono-PE film the barrier coating also provides superior deinking performance, making it an even more attractive alternative to traditional materials.
With the development of the DG-AUXO press, DG press made a statement of commitment to sustainable and innovative packaging production. Its seamless combination of multiple printing and coating technologies allows the printing and coating of various materials in one pass. The elimination of time and waste between the different production stages offers efficiency and flexibility, especially for customized products and for small and medium-sized job volumes.
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