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SCREEN reaches landmark: 100 Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI digital presses sold

Thursday 14. March 2024 - The first Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI was purchased in December 2020 by Italian print house Grafiche Pradella. Three years later, the 100th SAI machine was also sold in Italy, when Impronta Digitale bought a Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI-E 5 colour press for its growing label business.

Machine’s robustness and consistent colour and print quality are basis of its success
Building on its track record of reliability, robustness and ease-of-use, SCREEN recently reached the landmark of selling 100 Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI presses globally, just three years after the SAI model was launched. And now, the milestone has already been exceeded, as demand for SCREEN’s label technology grows exponentially.
“Our clients and we are thrilled about the success of this label press. We introduced it in December 2020 to provide label printers with a wider colour gamut, combined with the trademark robust technology that our label presses are known for,” says Carlo Sammarco, Business Development Director SCREEN Europe.
Since then, SCREEN has sold additional machines in the UK, Northern Africa, Turkey, and other European countries, with more sales pending.
The main reasons behind the SAI press’s success are its reliability and consistent print quality. The Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI printer “stands out in speed, precision and the very high label print quality” its first buyer said at the time. It provides a very high up-time, according to Sammarco. “It’s a reliable machine that doesn’t require much maintenance, is versatile and robust, and performs well both as a stand-alone press and as part of a sophisticated production line in an integrated system. In addition, and thanks to its ink, the SAI machine prints labels that are durable and have a high scratch resistance,” he adds.
Up to 60 meters per minute
The SCREEN Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI series builds on the success of the popular PLUS range, as a high-productivity, high-quality and versatile UV inkjet label press. The Japanese word ‘sai’ means ‘colourful’, and the SAI series was developed to help printers produce a wider range of spot colours to meet brand owners’ challenging demands. The machine prints on substrate widths of up to 350mm, with a print speed of up to 60 meters per minute.
In February 2022, the SCREEN Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI-S was awarded by the European Digital Press Association, which voted it “Best label printer” for its ease-of-use thanks to its excellent software, as well as for its quality and speed.
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