Kodak spotlights KODAK PRINERGY Workflow innovations at the 2022 European GUA Conference

Thursday 29. September 2022 - Jim Continenza, Kodaks Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, will host the 14th edition of the European GUA Conference. Munich, Germany, hosts European members of the Graphic Users Association in October

Kodak is holding the European Graphic Users Association (GUA) Conference again this year after a three-year hiatus. The GUA Community is a worldwide organization dedicated to empowering users of KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Solutions with the tools and knowledge to be successful. Munich, Germany, will be the venue for the 2022 GUA Conference from October 12 to 14.
Jim Continenza, Kodak’s Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, will host the 14th edition of the European GUA Conference. The focus of the event will be on how KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Automation Software will continue to innovate, making print more efficient and profitable for customers in an ever-changing marketplace. The event offers an attractive mix of panel discussions, presentations, product demonstrations, and the opportunity to take a look at Kodak’s newest workflow developments including the cloud-based KODAK PRINERGY On Demand Access SAAS solution and Hybrid offerings.
Conference attendees will hear from Jim Continenza on the latest in the print industry, and the role Kodak will play in helping its print customers maintain success and profitability. Jim Barnes, Kodak’s Chief IT Implementation Officer, will detail how PRINERGY and Cloud technology changes the way printers work and what they can do to prepare for the future.
Other conference highlights include:
• Kodak workflow experts will highlight key PRINERGY components that can make a difference for a printer’s productivity and profitability
• Ink Optimization & KODAK COLORFLOW – how color conversion intelligence and tonal control reduce labor costs and waste without compromising quality
• End-to-End Workflow For The Win – how to maximize efficiencies with a solution that integrates all aspects of a business into one streamlined workflow
• Analytics – how to pull data findings from the workflow and use it to navigate into future success and profitability
• Double Down on Digital – one integrated PRINERGY workflow for all aspects of print, including digital.
In addition, attendees can engage in one-on-one discussions with Kodak workflow experts for advice on specific topics or challenges they are looking to solve.
“We are delighted to invite Kodak solution users back to the European GUA conference,” said Jim Continenza. “Offering excellent knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, this conference will ensure the participants are up to date with the latest KODAK Workflow Software technologies and solutions, and the changing requirements of the print market.”
GUA members and KODAK PRINERGY Workflow users can now register for the 2022 European GUA Conference
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