Eco-friendly and easy to use: Eclipse convinced Imprimerie Gutenberg

Friday 18. February 2022 - Imprimerie Gutenberg in the French Haute-Savoie region was founded in 1976 and currently employs 20 people. It offers offset printing services for local authorities, manufacturing companies and other businesses, such as ski resorts.

When the owner, Frank Teso, decided to invest in an automated computer-to-plate solution in 2020, the configuration that Agfa proposed included process-free Eclipse plates. By eliminating the processor, the CtP system had a much smaller footprint, which was important given the limited available space.
Initially, the press operators were reluctant to switch to this new technology, worrying that the on-press development might pollute the dampening system of the presses. However, this proved not to be the case, as the plate coating gets transferred to the first sheets of the press run. Mr. Teso reports that the first sellable sheet is reached with just 50 impressions and that their largest orders of up to 60,000 sheets can be printed with a single set of plates.
Reducing the use of chemicals is important for Imprimerie Gutenberg, who carry the Imprim’Vert eco-label. Eclipse plates, however, are not just more environmentally friendly. In Mr. Teso’s experience, they also make printing more straightforward and offer better scratch resistance.
The Eclipse plates are used in conjunction with the Antura Fount AFS2-H fountain solution. It allowed the operators to maintain their existing maintenance routine, replacing the fountain solution every two to three weeks.
Mr. Teso concludes, “This plate is as hard-wearing as it is high-quality, even for longer print runs. Thanks to Agfa, we can offer our customers excactly the quality that they want.”
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