Color House Graphics finds the right fit with Agfas Eclipse process-free plate

Friday 19. November 2021 - Combining the benefits of processfree technology with effortless printing to save time & money. Eclipse cleans up faster; were talking 15 sheets, and it comes up to color quicker than the other process-free plates, says Derek Landheer, Plant Manager, Color House Graphics.

Color House Graphics (CHG) is a growing book manufacturing company in the U.S. Established in 1987, the Grand Rapids, MI-based company offers offset and digital print services, fulfillment, distribution, bindery capabilities, and eBook conversion services. CHG is positioned well in the industry. They manufacture 5-6 million books a year, and business is growing due to increases in the self-publishing, children, and young adult markets.
The plant manager at CHG, Derek Landheer, keeps up to date with what’s going on in the industry. His eyes are wide open when considering new technology that will provide clients with faster production, superior quality, and lower print production costs. Last fall, CHG knew they would have to make a change, so they marked the calendar and reviewed alternative offset process-free plates in the market, narrowing the test to three brands.
“It’s going to have to be the right fit,” said Landheer.
Pressmen preferred Agfa’s Eclipse plate
After testing, Landheer verified, “Four of my six pressmen preferred the Agfa plate. Eclipse cleans up faster; we’re talking 15 sheets, and it comes up to color quicker than the other process-free plates. The make-ready difference between our previous process-free plate and Agfa’s Eclipse equates to 400 sheets, a game-changer on our six-color press. With 3,700 make-readies already this year, that’s a substantial saving.”
Eclipse combines the benefits of process-free technology with excellent image contrast, stability, and high scratch resistance. The patented process-free technology of Eclipse transfers the non-image area on the plate to the first few printed sheets instead of to the fountain solution or ink like other process-free plates.
It maintains excellent contrast even after 24 hours in office light, eliminating the need to store the plates in their box.
“Agfa’s Eclipse plates performed better,” stated Landheer. “A handful of pressmen have been here 25 years, and they were excited. We did a healthy test run of Agfa plates and then went back to our former plates to finish the run. I had two pressmen ask me when we would finish that stock because they wanted to get back to the Agfa plates. And, when we made the move, the changeover was seamless.”
“Agfa’s Eclipse plates performed better…when we made the move, the changeover was seamless.”
Derek Landheer, Plant Manager, Color House Graphics
Faster make-ready and fewer chemicals
Eclipse is proving its value to CHG. “Eclipse performs consistently. Our business relies on speed to market and quality output. With fewer variables in manufacturing, we can focus on our customers and provide the best possible service, product excellence, and long-term solutions to their most critical business needs,” says Landheer.
“Today more than ever, we need seamless manufacturing and will leverage the benefits of Eclipse to meet our next business plateau.”
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