Virtual Color and Appearance Seminar

Thursday 22. October 2020 - X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, announce that its popular, in-person Fundamentals of Color and Appearance Training (FOCA) Seminar is now available in an interactive, online learning format. Similar to the classroom format, the new virtual training features self-paced modules, a detailed course guide, printed Munsell activity kit for hands-on learning, and an online discussion board that allows students to interact directly with X-Rite instructors.

X-Rite’s popular on-site Fundamentals of Color and Appearance Seminar (FOCA) is now offered as an interactive, self-paced, online course.
Attendees will learn color theory, appearance science, and best practices in order to improve color control across their workflows and supply chains.
“COVID-19 has accelerated the transformation towards online education,” said Mike Soriano, Director of Global Services, X-Rite and Pantone. “At X-Rite, we are excited to be one of the first companies to offer an eLearning format that delivers the same in-depth learning experience and content as traditional on-site seminars. Brands, manufacturers and individuals can sign-up and complete the class at their convenience and from the safety of their office or home.”
Presented by X-Rite Color Experts, the Online FOCA format is ideal for anyone who works with or specifies color. It allows quality control professionals, lab technicians, part suppliers, product developers and designers, and manufacturers to gain a solid understanding of color theory, the physics of color and lighting, color data, and spectrophotometers. Attendees learn how to measure, view, and communicate color to keep production workflows moving forward during these challenging times.
The online FOCA course includes:
Access to the online training platform and seven self-paced modules and more than 20 educational videos.
Comprehensive, in-depth color and appearance education that includes color communication, visual color, history of color science, color tolerances, color measurement, and instrumentation.
A Printed Course Guide designed to complement the online modules and serve as a future resource guide.
An Interactive Munsell Kit, which is sent to participants to use during the hands-on portion to reinforce color theory and demonstrate knowledge.
An Online Discussion Board moderated by X-Rite Color Experts, which allows students to post questions and interact with each other.
A Course Certificate upon completion.
“The online FOCA format is now available in English with plans to expand to multiple languages early next year. By offering a variety of training options, including seminars, e-learning, and on-site training customized to a company’s needs, we are making it easier than ever for customers across the globe to access color theory and color management trainings,” added Soriano.
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