X-Rite Launches Open Ecosystem for Brand Packaging Quality Control and Supply Chain Management

Thursday 04. June 2020 - X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC, global leaders in color science and technology, today announced a new ColorCert Reporting API that makes it easier for consumer package goods (CPG) brands to communicate packaging color and monitor print quality control across technologies and global supply chains. Using the application program interface (API), brands and printers can share color data between the ColorCert Suite, any XRGA-based spectrophotometer, and third-party quality control software.

New X-Rite ColorCert Reporting API allows brands and their packaging suppliers to use existing quality control software to monitor packaging color across complex supply chains.
This creates an open software ecosystem that allows brand managers to monitor print quality while enabling their print suppliers to maximize existing software and hardware investments. The ColorCert Reporting API is currently supported by Colorware MeasureColor and FLEXICON INKPILOT.
The world’s largest CPG brands have built successful print and packaging quality control programs using ColorCert. As these programs expand, there is a need to open up the technology to all suppliers, regardless of the press-side quality tool they use. With an open software ecosystem, brands can expand their current programs to more print suppliers for greater visibility across their global packaging supply chain.
“The new ColorCert Reporting API is in response to market demands and demonstrates our commitment to helping brands and their converters implement color workflows that are secure, transparent, and efficient,” said Cindy Cooperman, Vice President, Brand Global Strategic Accounts, X-Rite. “With almost a decade of best practice experience built into the ColorCert Suite and PantoneLIVE, we are extending our ecosystem to third-party QC software while ensuring data compatibility using industry-standard encryption and protected CCJ files. This allows brands to receive near-real-time reporting from suppliers who use supported QC software on each print run.”
Delivering Quality Assurance in Packaging
The cloud-based ColorCert Suite enables digital communication of brand color and print requirements across a complex supply chain. ColorCert software supports today’s digital workflows and integrates with X-Rite Color iQC, IntelliTrax2, PantoneLIVE, XRGA-based color measurement tools, and qualified third-party quality control software.
ColorCert is used by major CPG brands as part of their Brand Quality Control programs. Brand managers use the ColorCert Suite to monitor print quality and see data for each and every press run in an easy-to-understand dashboard with objective and consistent metrics. Converters and package printers send real-time measurement and scorecard data to brand customers using their existing XRGA hardware and quality control software. This speeds the approval process and eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming on-site press checks.
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