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Konica Minolta named in Market Guide for Managed Print Services in the Digital Workplace by Gartner

Monday 12. October 2020 - Konica Minolta has been named in the Market Guide for Managed Print Services (MPS) in the Digital Workplace by Gartner, the worlds leading research and advisory company. MPS providers named in the June, 2020 report are able to deliver MPS from small and large enterprises within a broad array of industries, and in at least three global regions.

In this Market Guide, we have included the providers that have received the most client interest based upon searches on and customer inquiry.”
“Our customers large and small share a common need: having infrastructure and services at their disposal that makes their specific work processes secure and seamless, be they digital or print. We identify the ideal solutions and set-up with them and provide those from our large portfolio of integrated, cloud-based printing and digital workflow solutions,” explains Olaf Lorenz, Senior General Manager, Digital Transformation Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe. “We are honoured by Gartner’s acknowledgment in its Market Guide and are pleased to be among the providers of managed print services for our offerings.”
As the digital workplace evolves, Konica Minolta realises the necessity of providing advanced capabilities to further drive the ‘Intelligent Connected Workplace’. These include cloud enablement and services as well as app-enabled print platforms.
bizhub Evolution: the on-demand platform for optimised information management solutions
One of the solutions provided by Konica Minolta is the cloud platform bizhub Evolution. It can be accessed from any connected bizhub device or using a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. With bizhub Evolution, the customer can access a variety of custom features without having to install software onto devices or within their existing IT infrastructure. Users select the function they need rather than the application. The bizhub Evolution Store allows organisations to expand their capabilities as user requirements change. Describing one specific application example, Olaf Lorenz say: “You can copy, fax, print and scan documents effortlessly, then make them more accessible quickly and easily by translating foreign-language text into your mother tongue or converting it to speech.” Smaller marketing teams can even use bizhub Evolution to launch their own marketing automation process with a dedicated service. Konica Minolta manages all services, including keeping them up to date. The services are provided on-demand, so customers only have to pay for the features they actually use.
Dispatcher Suite: A combined package for document capturing and print output management
Konica Minolta also provides OEM-branded solutions that can manage print streams using direct IP printing or print queues, for example Dispatcher Suite, a solution that combines Dispatcher Phoenix with Dispatcher Paragon. Dispatcher Phoenix, the award-winning Konica Minolta scanning and document workflow management solution, allows customers to manage document/content capturing, workflow design and automation capability using an intuitive user interface and a robust platform.
Dispatcher Paragon is a feature-rich print management solution with a highly secure print environment that enables users and costs to be managed efficiently. Dispatcher Suite combines these two solutions to provide an all-in-one, integrated platform, streamlining all processes from print management and document capture through to workflow management.
“We are confident that Dispatcher Suite is playing a key role in terms of further accelerating our successful MPS engagements, as it offers added convenience and tangible value to our customers. This solution helps them expand their digital transformation from MFP fleet management into content capturing and workflow management,” says Olaf Lorenz.
Finding instead of searching: M-Files, the AI-powered information management platform
Moreover, Konica Minolta has recently deepened its alliance with M-Files, allowing customers to use the next-generation M-Files intelligent information management platform when working with Konica Minolta solutions. The M-Files AI-powered information management solution organises content based on what it is, not where it is stored. Users can connect to existing network folders and systems to make them more intelligent with built-in workflow capabilities and advanced search and filter tools.
Workplace Hub integration and access to Konica Minolta MarketPlace
To optimise customer workflows and processes—both digital and in print—Konica Minolta is taking a holistic approach that enables its solutions to be seamlessly integrated with each other. Workplace Hub is an IT solution for small- and medium-sized enterprises: Available in different versions, it combines best-in-class hardware with compatible software and managed services, unburdening and empowering their IT. The Konica Minolta MarketPlace platform is an integral part of Workplace Hub that can be used by internal IT teams as a powerful platform for easily implementing and managing new applications. Konica Minolta ensures that these solutions are updated regularly and are compatible with the customer’s IT system. MarketPlace can also be used to manage licences, providing a real-time overview and control over access and costs. To deliver the cost efficiency and flexibility SMEs require, Konica Minolta only charges for the services, capacities and applications that are actually used. “Our MarketPlace platform makes it easy for customers to access the tools they need to connect their devices to various industry-related, security and cloud-service apps,” explains Olaf Lorenz, adding: “This integrated approach is essential to our ‘Intelligent Connected Workplace’ – and perfectly resonates with the interlinked needs of our customers.”
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