Konica Minolta launches Box Defect Detection and continues its success with video solutions services

Wednesday 05. August 2020 - Konica Minolta continues to expand its offerings in the area of video solutions services with the launch of its latest solution, Box Defect Detection, for the field of quality inspection in manufacturing and logistics. In addition, Konica Minolta has demonstrated the benefits of Mobotix IoT camera solutions where it is necessary to protect empty office buildings or to detect an elevated body surface temperature.

The thermal solutions are the key to detecting anomalies in order to keep premises safe and help protect health. The importance of video solutions is also reflected in Konica Minolta’s growing market presence in Europe. The solutions are now available in 23 countries and Konica Minolta has more than 400 customers.
With “Box Defect Detection”, Konica Minolta provides a new solution in its video solution services portfolio dedicated to enabling visual quality inspection in manufacturing and logistics. The solution combines Konica Minolta’s AI-based technology for surface quality inspection with Mobotix IoT cameras to ensure that plastic delivery boxes meet high quality standards. It locates all defects and anomalies, such as the contamination of delivery boxes occurring on the production line, identifies their extent and severity and commands the separator in the production line to remove the defective box from the line or send the dirty box for immediate washing. ’Box Defect Detection’ will be delivered to launch customers in October 2020.
Konica Minolta has shown that intelligent video solutions can provide important support. One example is the protection of premises. In times of remote working, it is necessary to protect empty office buildings from burglary and vandalism through video surveillance. The intelligent video solutions can detect unauthorised access and immediately trigger an alarm.
Furthermore, thermal cameras can identify elevated body surface temperatures. When individuals pass through the camera’s field of view in offices or other facilities, their thermal images are analysed and any elevated body surface temperature exceeding a specific threshold is identified. This helps to identify the elevated body surface temperature of any person entering a site in order to give a warning to the person concerned, notify relevant personnel to take immediate action and reduce the potential spread of infection. Waiting times at the entrance to premises and entry management can be shortened, contact reduced and the health of employees and guests in an organisation, company or generally in public areas protected. In addition, it also saves on surveillance resources.
With the goal of further increasing measurement accuracy compared to measurement with a thermal camera alone, Konica Minolta has developed the MOBOTIX thermal camera application “Temperature Screening App” in order to identify and detect facial and skin areas. This will be available from October 2020.
With its ‘Intelligent Connected Workplace’ solutions, Konica Minolta takes a holistic view of the digital workplace in terms of people, devices and space. The company ensures that the workplace is secure, compliant, resilient and reliable and makes sure that employees have all the information and processes they need at their fingertips. “Konica Minolta strives to use its knowledge and products to facilitate all challenging situations for businesses and employees and to ensure business continuity. Moreover, video solutions services are part of the Intelligent Connected Workplace. With our thermal IoT cameras, we contribute to protecting the workforce and workplace by minimising risks and detecting anomalies,” emphasises Shintaro Inoue, Senior Manager Video Solution Service, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe.
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