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Konica Minolta continues successful web seminar series Your Idea Workout

Tuesday 18. August 2020 - After the successful launch of its web seminars Your Ideas Workout, Konica Minolta is moving on to the next round, showing print service providers and commercial printers new, profitable business models. This time on September 3, 2020, the focus will be on digital print finishing under the title Noble is print, helpful and good. With Theres still room for improvement, the market leader in production printing will demonstrate the advantages of automated print production on September 9, 2020.

When print becomes a poem
The world of finished print products is growing steadily. Spot coatings or metal foils enhance printed products with 2D and 3D effects and create attention. However, finishing is not only a haptic and visual experience, but also a profitable business field for printing companies with customers from a wide range of industries. While this special haptic and optical experience, due to complex technology and high costs, was in the past reserved for large print runs only, professional finishing is now economically possible even in small quantities. Thanks to digital enhancement systems in the entry-level segment, book titles and packaging can be given that certain something through foiling or partially glossy areas – even from the first print run. Mirko Pelzer, Product Marketing Manager Professional Printing, and Thorsten Kinnen, Business Development Manager Commercial Printing at Konica Minolta, will shed light on this exciting topic on September 3, 2020, from 11:00-11:45 a.m.
More time for the essentials
The central challenge for every print service provider is to deliver as many print jobs as possible to the customer in the shortest possible time and in optimum quality. But how can these market requirements be reconciled with a busy working day? Answers to these questions will be provided by the web seminar on September 9, 2020, from 11-11.45 a.m. Cord Hashemian, Product Manager Production Printing, and Konstantin Kaminski, Support Specialist Production Printing at Konica Minolta, will take a look at solutions that help print service providers and commercial printers automate their production processes end-to-end. From order acceptance and prepress to self-controlling print production and finishing, end-to-end automation supports efficient production processes, reduces costs and waste, and saves up to 50 percent of the time of conventional printing processes. In addition to new software solutions for preflight and print preparation, the focus is on advanced technologies such as IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Care or Auto Inspection Technology (AIT). These deliver color consistency and register accuracy on every print sheet and guarantee that only flawless end products reach the customer.
Dates at a glance:
03.09.2020 | 11-11.45 a.m. | EDEL SEI DER PRINT, HELP-FREE AND GOOD
– When printed matter becomes a poem (digital print finishing)
09.09.2020 | 11-11.45 | THERE’S ALSO WHAT?
– More time for the essential (end-to-end automation)
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