Adhegrafic shortens response times and maximizes print quality with Miraclons KODAK FLEXCEL NX System

Wednesday 25. March 2020 - In the midst of celebrating its 32-year history, Adhegrafic, a company specializing in the production of adhesive labels, recognizes the benefits of incorporating a KODAK FLEXCEL NX System from Miraclon in order to have its own prepress service. Now, after becoming a KODAK Certified Partner, a certificate granted by Miraclon to users of KODAK FLEXCEL NX Systems who produce plates with consistently high quality and meet rigorous pre-defined production standards, they are satisfied that the quality they have been working with for so many years is recognized.

“Confirming that what we have been doing for so long is well done and with a high standard of quality is a great achievement and a sales tool for us,” says Antonio Garcia, Production Manager.
Antonio García continues: “Nowadays it is rare for a company not to ask us for some kind of certificate before starting to work with us, be it ecological, ink, paper, etc., so being a KODAK Certified Partner gives us more credibility to be able to work with them”. Sergio Alarcón, head of the Design Department, backs up this statement: “In the label sector we work in, there are more and more demands, so having this certification can surely help us get more clients”.
Antonio García explains why they decided to invest in the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System. “As we are not a manufacturer of plates, the KODAK FLEXCEL NX equipment was added to our production process. We value other brands in the market, but we chose the Miraclon system because we have very demanding customers, and after several tests the KODAK FLEXCEL NX offered us more quality and more possibilities. Considering that until then the whole process was analogical with a filmmaker and manual assembly, the change was enormous”.
“Having a KODAK FLEXCEL NX has made our response times much faster. We have always worked to very tight deadlines and could not afford to wait for plates to be supplied by a third party, so having this service integrated into our production process allowed us to offer a top-of-the-range product in very short time frames. If today we had to make the decision to invest again, we would do so without hesitation”, details Antonio García.
According to Antonio García, the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System has brought Adhegrafic many advantages. “The performance of the plates in the machine is good, it offers a uniform print and they have a great durability. These are the reasons that we weighed heavily in our investment decision as we carry out many repetitive jobs and it is essential that the plates work perfectly several times. In addition, the plate change times are fast and there are fewer downtimes.
For Sergio Alarcón another advantage of the system is that it allows them to work with any material. “We usually work with materials like couché paper and polypropylene in 80 grams without any problem and we offer a quality that satisfies the demands of our clients. The KODAK FLEXCEL NX System Plates allow you to print small dots thanks to flathead technology. This allows us to provide a very clean print, where shadows are darker and lights are brighter, glosses are more vivid and gradients are cleaner. All thanks to the wide tonal range from 0.4 to 99.6, which is virtually unique in the market.
With KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates, there is virtually no need to separate the working lines and halftones, and spot color replacement and extended color gamut printing is possible. Thanks to the patented lamination process, full image fidelity can now be achieved.
Antonio Garcia concludes, “We are convinced that the addition of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System has helped us grow our business and given us the short response times we were looking for so that we do not have to send our customers’ files out of the company. Its many advantages such as consistency, stability, durability, privacy, reduced machine start-up time, faster changeovers, and improved overall production ensure that our choice was the right one and the best thing is that it still offers us room for growth today.
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