D. & W. Flexo-Manufaktur achieves Miraclons KODAK FLEXCEL NX plate certification

Friday 18. October 2019 - The D. & W. Flexo Manufactory in Osterwieck, Germany, has recently successfully completed Miraclons certification program for KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates. With the FLEXCEL NX certification, D. & W. aims to demonstrate to the market that the company produces consistently high panel quality and meets the demanding production standards defined by Miraclon.

The complete supplier of prepress and creative services for packaging printing has grown dynamically since its foundation in 2006 and now has 49 employees. At D. & W., flexible packaging and corrugated board printing (postprint) each account for 40 % of the production of flexographic printing forms, the rest being distributed among preprint, labels, paper and plastic sacks as well as offset printing finishing (varnishing). The company, which has been using KODAK FLEXCEL NX board technology since 2011, now uses a FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 system.
FLEXCEL NX plates now account for 40% of D. & W.’s plate production. Managing director Thomas Wambach expects this share to increase further. The D. & W. team is particularly impressed by the high reproducibility and dimensional stability of the FLEXCEL NX plates and the advantages of the DIGICAP NX patterning for ink transfer.
“In corrugated board, the FLEXCEL NXC plate has enabled us to increase the quality enormously in terms of ink transfer, register and uniformity of the print image. And with flexible packaging, the FLEXCEL NXH plate from Miraclon has become a standard that the market is specifically asking for,” explains Thomas Wambach.
D. & W. is considering investing in a second FLEXCEL NX system due to the strong growth in the corrugated board sector.
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