Xaar laucnhes 5601

Thursday 23. November 2017 - In preparation for full commercial launch, Xaar will use InPrint 2017 to showcase its four colour print capabilities as well as the numerous advantages of its Xaar 5601 new Thin Film Piezo Silicon MEMS printhead.

In addition, Xaar’s Jason Remnant will be presenting on “Revolutionary inkjet technology to take on the Packaging industry,” covering how features and technologies, such as those in the Xaar 5601, will help drive further digital adoption in the packaging industry.

Visitors to the Xaar stand (# 514, Hall A6) can see full A4 CMYK colour print samples produced by eight Xaar 5601 printheads. “As we get ready for the full commercialisation of such a significant new printhead platform, there are a number of key milestones we have had to pass. We are keen to showcase at InPrint 2017 the four colour print samples produced by the Xaar 5601 so that interested parties can see for themselves its exceptionally high resolution print quality. We’re also here to talk about the development of the ecosystem which surrounds the Xaar 5601, which includes the drive electronics and ink supply system which are necessary to ensure OEMs get the most out of the new technology.”
About the Xaar 5601
In development for seven years and with over £31m invested in its research and development, the Xaar 5601 incorporates a number of innovative technologies. Using Xaar’s new Thin Film Piezo Silicon MEMS technology, the Xaar 5601 is very high resolution with over 5600 nozzles, capable of jetting up to eight litres of fluid per hour. New innovations such as AcuDrp Technology allow complete control over greyscale drop ejection for perfect image quality. In addition, the Xaar 5601 incorporates TF Technology to maximise production up time, print quality and lifetime. Furthermore, with the unique Z profile, multiple printheads can fit closely together for an exceptionally compact print zone, accurate drop placement between colours and reduced costs associated with accurate media control and positioning. This new printhead is optimised for aqueous inks and provides excellent suitability for other low viscosity fluids. Its small drop and outstanding performance make it ideal for textiles, laminates, commercial print, packaging and many more applications.
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