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Bergman Media Group enters 3D Print Market with DPLenticular Collaboration

DPLenticular’s experience and expertise invaluable in new product development

Thursday 16. April 2009 - DPLenticular’s experience and expertise invaluable in new product development

DPLenticular has helped Bergman Media Group enter the 3D print market by collaborating closely with the company on an innovative new print product.  The company worked in tight partnership with Bergman to develop 3Dynamick – a plastic lens material that allows images to be printed in both three-dimensional and animated form. This highly unconventional style of printing allows companies to present information in a far more stimulating way, helping them capture readers’ attention quicker and for longer.

The ‘moving pictures’ created by 3Dynamick are not just visually striking, they are also a very pragmatic way for businesses to impart a lot of information in a small space.  This has allowed Bergman to stand out in a crowed marketplace and work with a wide range of organizations. The company uses 3Dynamick for a variety of applications, such as packaging, book covers, CD covers and many other point-of-sale items.

Andree Bergman, CEO Bergman Media Group, explains how 3Dynamick was conceived. “Many printing businesses offer similar products and services and struggle to differentiate themselves. We’ve always had a very strong innovation ethos and wanted a new product that would help to further set us apart from our competitors.”
The development of 3Dynamick, however, was technically very challenging and the Bergman Media Group required the experience and expertise of DPLenticular to get the product off the ground:  “A 3D-product requires specialist knowledge, both technically and creatively. We hired our own specialist team but knew we’d also need DPLenticular’s know-how. We had direct contact with them throughout the research and development stage and received extensive help and support,” says Bergman.

An internal workshop was organized by DPLenticular to introduce Bergman Media Group to printing with lenticular products. The session detailed the basic materials, any issues that can arise, and how to tweak images. “The technical support from DPLenticular was excellent and the help they gave us with the selection of the film for the different expressions was invaluable. We wouldn’t have been able to make 3Dynamick a reality without DPLenticular.”

Bergman Media Group’s commitment to innovation means that the company is always developing new products. “We’re always on the lookout for exciting new applications for our products. Only recently we developed a quick-drying ink for DPLenticular’s plastic sheets, which allows us to guarantee an outstanding level of color quality to our customers. By optimizing our way of working, we are able to offer far smaller quantities of lenticular products than the majority of other printers on the market. Plus our customers also have the opportunity to check a digital proof that really matches the final colors.”

Bergman Media Group expects 3D printing to become a significant revenue stream for the company and interest in 3Dynamick is growing all the time. Bergman’s customers include large corporations such as Microsoft, Jägermeister, IDTV and SNS Reaal.

With over ten years of experience in the lenticular business, DPLenticular supplies the highest quality LenstarTM lenticular sheets and rolls. All LenstarTM lenticular lenses have been especially designed for litho offset and digital printing. DPLenticular products are in accordance with EU regulations REACH, EN71 and 2005/84/EC.
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