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DPLenticular unveils new company name and corporate branding

Lenstar Sheet samples

Friday 14. March 2008 - The Irish-based company reinforces its commitment as the only European supplier of lenticular products for 3D and multiple changing animation applications

DPLenticular, the acclaimed leader in the supply of Lenstar lenticular plastic sheets and rolls for the graphic arts industry announces today a new name and brand identity that dynamically expresses its role as sole European vendor of a unique range of lenticular products. Formerly known as LPC-Europe (The Lenticular Plastic Company of Europe), DPLenticular has acquired more than ten years experience in the lenticular market and has earned its reputation as a trusted and leading provider of lenticular products in Europe.

Creative applications and exciting new business opportunities

Lenstar, designed by Pacur Lenticular in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (US) and exclusively distributed in Europe by DPLenticular, represents a polymer technology that fits a niche market requested by creative agencies as well as commercial offset and digital printers. DPLenticular’s product range excels at boosting the corporate image and business profitability and is appropriate for use in a large number of applications such as POP designs, packaging, direct mail, promotional and various card formats.

Lenticular technology is a high resolution imaging process developed for the purpose of creating visual effects such as 3D, multiple changing graphics or animation. The Lenstar lenticular sheets is reverse printed with interlaced images using conventional or UV inks and can accept various types of laminations. DPLenticular is the only supplier offering a range of different types and thicknesses guaranteeing a stable and quality print. This is of vital importance as the slightest deviation distorts the image and completely destroys the effects of lenticular printing.

Daniel Pierret, Managing Director and founder of DPLenticular comments: “Behind the new branding is our core message that DPLenticular is the best provider of lenticular products to support our customers’ creative work. Lenticular printing offers new business opportunities to printers and provides exciting applications to brand owners who have to make sure their products stand out from the large offering of consumer brands in the market today.”

DPLenticular users can rely on the company to support their need for innovative solutions and their growth objectives with its unique range of products and customized on-site training program and technical support.
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