DPLenticular reports success at drupa 2008

Wednesday 02. July 2008 - Growing level of interest in 3D solutions for large format and digital print applications at DPLenticular and key industry partner stands

DPLenticular, the acclaimed European leader in the supply of lenticular plastic sheets and rolls for the graphic arts industry, reports positive results for drupa 2008 as well as an increased level of interest in lenticular printing solutions.
At the show, the company presented its unique range of LenstarTM lenticular products for offset and digital printing applications, including its new 40LPI product range for large format printing. The DPLenticular stand at the drupa innovation parc attracted many visitors and confirmed the growing level of interest in the company’s unique lenticular product range.

Reinforced presence through key industry partners

During drupa 2008, DPLenticular and Pacur were present on no less than ten stands. A large quantity of LenstarTM lenticular sheets was supplied to prestigious drupa exhibitors such as Heidelberg, Manroland and many others. Through its cooperation with Human Eyes, graphic arts partners like KBA, Presstek, HP, OCE and Fujifilm were also able to showcase and produce the sophisticated 3D and special effects lenticular printing capabilities.

Pixalen laid out the images for Heidelberg. The plates were then prepared, using Heidelberg’s new lenticular tool that has been added to the workflow and which guarantees a perfect concordance between the interlaced file and the plate. The results were unanimously appreciated as this new software tool reduces the gap between the lenticular software and the plate.

Using LenstarTM 62LPI sheets, Manroland was able to show very attractive 3D prints with the help of 3D Images who prepared their images.

KBA, Presstek, HP, OCE and Fujifilm all produced and printed LenstarTM lenticular samples provided by DPLenticular and Pacur through Human Eyes’ lenticular creation and production software.

The artwork for the images presented by Fuji and Screen CTP was also provided by Pixalen and printed at Vogt Foliendruck in Germany before the show.

Daniel Pierret, Managing Director and founder of DPLenticular comments: “Momentum for lenticular printing is growing and drupa 2008 definitely confirmed this trend. We were delighted to be in so many partner stands in various halls throughout the exhibition where visitors were able to witness lenticular production on different types of presses.”

Growing interest in lenticular printing for large format and digital print applications

At drupa, DPLenticular presented the new LenstarTM 40LPI lenticular product range which provides new creative opportunities for the large format and digital printing industry.

Daniel Pierret says: “We witnessed a strong market demand for large format printing at drupa and this trend confirmed our strategy to focus on the new LenstarTM 40LPI product range. In order to guarantee the safe distribution of the large format 40 LPI lenticular sheets to the flatbed inkjet UV market, DPLenticular will be entering new partnerships in the near future. To this purpose, we have reinforced our collaboration with our distributors in Moscow and Kiev as well as with our Austrian partner, Finze Group GESMBH in Vienna and additional distribution will be organized from Spain and the UK, depending on the demand. These renewed partnerships with our local distributors will allow us to service our large format inkjet clients in a more efficient way while continuing to focus on the offset printing market.”

The 40 LPI lenticular sheet (also called VLF for Very Large Format) enables both volume and small-scale productions of posters in larger sizes with 3D or flip effect, offering new possibilities to the large format offset and digital flat-bed inkjet presses. It also allows the production of animated pictures using seconds of HDTV images.

DPLenticular announces the launch of new products in September.
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