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Michigan-Based Company Increases Capacity and Exceeds Clients Expectations with SCREEN

Monday 01. July 2024 - Known for its omnichannel marketing campaigns, Allegra differentiates itself by offering direct mail solutions that start with implementing strategic and customized marketing initiatives and end with providing analytical reviews of the campaigns results.

SCREEN Americas announces the installation of the Truepress JET 520HD+ at Allegra Marketing•Print•Mail, a corporate-owned franchise located in Plymouth, Michigan. The press complements the company’s business model by providing customers with strategic marketing solutions that include variable and static print production on multiple substrates.
The Truepress JET 520HD+ has played a key role in allowing Allegra to increase its clients’ returns on their overall marketing investments by incorporating variable data, variable imaging and one-to-one targeted messaging into a single production—capabilities that were previously cost-prohibitive for Allegra.
The team at Allegra was pleasantly surprised at the technology’s performance. “The press is running a lot faster than we thought it would,” said Vice President and General Manager Brian Tyll of Allegra. “Our original ROI calculations had the press running at five hours per day to justify the investment. Now, only two months after the installation, the press is clocking 20 hours a day. Projects that once required 50 hours of production time can now be produced in as little as 10 hours and the increased capacity has given us the advantage to exceed our clients’ expectations, even in the tightest of schedules,” said Tyll.
After the installation, Allegra was able to eliminate three toner devices plus a 6-color, 40-inch sheetfed press—a conventional press that requires talented labor that is difficult to find. “With the 520HD+, we are able to output more work without the need for additional staff,” said Director of Key Accounts Mark Lazare of Allegra.
The press, whose flexibility brings ease to operators for short- and long-run jobs on multiple substrates, has proven to be a great return on investment for both Allegra and its personnel. “It has given our employees the opportunity to advance their knowledge and apply their craft through the utilization of new technology, which will contribute to their success in the future as well as the company’s,” said Director of Client Experience Kathy Clendenin of Allegra.
Efficiency is top of mind at Allegra. Not only has the Truepress JET 520HD+ exceeded its expectations in terms of production, it has improved the overall atmosphere of the 35,000-square-foot facility. “The press has resulted in a cleaner, safer work environment,” said Clendenin.
In addition to marketing, printing and mailing services, Allegra has a sophisticated finishing operation that provides perfect-binding, coil-binding and saddle-stitching for publishing applications. The Truepress JET 520HD+ seamlessly integrates with this technology.
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