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Full-Service Direct Mail Marketing Provider Secures New Business with SCREEN Truepress JET 520NX

Friday 27. October 2023 - SCREEN Americas announces the sale of the Truepress JET 520NX to Planet Direct Mail of Manassas, Virginia. The full-color digital inkjet press, which was installed in October 2023, has secured new business for the full-service direct mail marketing provider.

The Truepress JET 520NX joins a pair of Truepress JET 520EX monochrome twin engine systems that were purchased by Planet Direct Mail over the past three years. The new press allows for single pass variable data color printing and eliminates the need to preprint shells-a strategy that expedites production and results in cost savings that get passed on to Planet Direct Mail’s clients.
“The NX allows us to expand our capabilities and become more efficient, which has made us more attractive to customers,” says Ryan Gutman, president of Planet Direct Mail. “Because paper, postage and labor costs have increased, direct mail marketers have become more targeted with their advertising. The NX gives the flexibility needed in the current market conditions.”
Gutman also noted that it is easier to train employees to operate the Truepress JET 520NX than the company’s offset web presses. “The press is very easy to operate. A new employee needs little to no prior experience running a press,” said Gutman.
Planet Direct Mail moved to a larger 115,000-square-foot facility in Manassas, Virginia, in 2021 with aspirations to grow the business and become one of the largest direct mail operations in the mid-Atlantic region. Since the move, the company has filled 40 new positions and now employs 170 people. “We are definitely on our way to becoming one of the largest mailers in the region,” said Gutman. “The NX will definitely help us get there.”
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