Easyfairs looking to assemble trailblazers of the future ahead of Packaging Innovations

Monday 18. December 2023 - The inaugural Future Trailblazers awards ceremony, which will gather some of the best and brightest young talent from all packaging industry areas, is now accepting the final rounds of industry-wide nominations, with Packaging Innovations & Empack just two months away.

Event organisers Easyfairs have confirmed that entries are now open, with no cost, and will close at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 10th. The award is open to all areas of the industry; but focuses on five categories and job roles:
Designing for the future (Technologist/Designer/Print tech),
Production Delivery (Production Operative/Engineer),
Sustainable Thinking (Sustainability Professional),
Delivery Management (Project Manager, artwork coordinator),
And Making It Happen (Buyer, supply chain & logistics/quality assurance).
These categories have been recognised from the judges, (Jude Allan of IOM3, Ian Roe and Dani Novick of Mercury Search & Selection,) as the basis for a trailblazing role that will significantly change the industry.
Whether already solving some of the big challenges or making quiet revolutions happen in the step changes needed to move the industry forward, the Future Trailblazer showcase is looking for team members who may be quietly playing their part while also starting to show their potential to shine.
Having commenced the search at the 2023 event to celebrate those who work tirelessly to impact the future of packaging, organisers have now stepped up their efforts to complete a 50-person shortlist. The judges will then pour over the entrants before crowning a winner at February’s must-attend exhibition, which is due to take place on the 21 & 22 February next year.
Ian Roe, member of the judging panel and Director at Mercury Search & Selection, sees it as an opportunity to highlight the vital role packaging must play in a sustainable future. “Rather than being the villain, packaging enables us to transport, preserve, and serve goods. Without good packaging, we have wastage – and the waste of the resources that went into creating those products,” he commented.
“Celebrating the people making the biggest improvements has a double focus. First, improvements are good for the future of the industry and good for society. Second, it should inspire others and the next generation who are the future of our industry.”
Parisa Maleki, Community & Content Manager at Easyfairs, said: “If it’s the people creating new ideas and insights you value, you don’t want to miss our second annual Future Trailblazers showcase. This event gathers some of the best and brightest young talent from all areas of the packaging industry, celebrating those who work tirelessly to impact the future of packaging.
“There’s no better way to learn about the future than by learning from those who will go on to shape it. This event will be a must-see for anyone wishing to get ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing market.”
The Future Trailblazer showcase is just a small taste of the innovations an anticipated 6,500 visitors can expect to see and experience for themselves at Packaging Innovations & Empack 2024.
The essential annual event promises to catalyse business opportunities, drive innovation across the whole packaging journey, and dig into the topics that matter most across its three content-focused stages.
With demand set to soar as we move to within 100 days of the opening day, potential visitors are urged to register their attendance today.
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