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American Games finds its golden ticket with BOBST NOVACUT investment

Thursday 02. November 2023 - At BOBST, we consider the versatility of our machines to be one of their greatest strengths. It means they can support our customers in any industry and in any part of the world. This includes some highly specific applications in some surprising market sectors.

After 40 years of operations, American Games now offers a leading range of pull-tab charitable and lottery tickets, promotional games, bingo papers, and ticket vending and counting machines. Throughout most of that time, American Games and BOBST never crossed paths. However, as Jim Myers, VP Operations at American Games, points out, the similar mindsets of both companies made this collaboration almost inevitable.
“We pride ourselves on customization,” he said. “Our customized art development makes us unique in our marketplace. And, while we as a company had never worked with BOBST, I personally had a very good experience with them previously in my career and experienced their commitment to custom, versatile solutions. So, when we needed to upgrade our lines to cement our position as a leading high-quality, high-volume pull tab provider, I had no hesitation in recommending BOBST.”
In the charitable and lottery ticket market, security is crucial. This means production lines must be dependable, precise, and consistent across multiple intricate processes to ensure throughput remains high without introducing errors. In late 2022, Myers identified a potential bottleneck in its die-cutting process and wanted to act quickly to rectify the problem.
“Our product utilizes extensive amounts of complex rules to ensure tight security for our customers,” Myers continued. “That means we have to look for machines that have sufficient tonnage capacity to deliver dependable and consistent levels of quality.
“We also wanted rapid delivery, excellent sales and technical support, and a strong reputation for customer service. BOBST met these criteria, and while I do not want to minimize the competition in any way, its reputation for dependability and service were key factors for us.”
Following a site visit to discuss American Games’ highly specific needs, we specified a BOBST NOVACUT 106 E, and moved quickly to complete the installation in early 2023.
“The installation of the NOVACUT has negated any bottleneck concerns in our process,” confirmed Myers. We can now offer our customers even greater levels of consistent quality and on-time delivery, and the quality of the machine means we can rely on it for many years to come.
“But it’s not just the machine – we know we can always rely on BOBST’s excellent customer and technical service to meet our needs today and at any point in the future.”
When you add a BOBST solution to your production line, you can ensure every product hits the jackpot.
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