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BOBST is transforming its supply chain

Wednesday 24. August 2022 - Weve created a new logistics hub for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions, consolidating much of our supply chain network, to bring our customers new levels of speed, reliability and efficiency in the parts ordering process.

Complexity within a supply chain can cause disruption to the successful delivery of products and parts. BOBST are committed to doing everything we can to provide even faster delivery times and complete reliability for everything our customers order.
For these reasons, we are transforming our supply chain with the setting up of a new large warehouse in Genk, Belgium, in the heart of Europe’s transport and logistics network. Our new warehouse brings together the logistical capabilities of seven of our smaller parts warehouses. The new site has been built to carefully consider environmental impact, and it includes solar- and wind-power generation, a water recuperation system and green areas around the plant.
Our new Genk facility offers digitalization and automation, and it will give us the ability to serve our customers with speed and efficiency, 24/7. It will now be possible for us to ensure next day shipment if an order is placed before 9:00pm. In addition to faster shipment times, our customers will have visibility of their orders throughout the delivery process, from acknowledgement to arrival.
How is BOBST making this change?
The transformation of our supply chain is a considerable undertaking. In the first phase of the process, we will be moving 52,000 part numbers from Switzerland to Belgium, amounting to 1,000 tons of stock. The inventory transfer will require a fleet of 160 trucks transporting parts over a period of 11 weeks.
Modernizing our operations
This change in our supply chain represents a radical transformation for BOBST. It represents a leap forward in terms of digitalization and automation. We are putting in place a more modern and agile process for delivering parts and products, and we believe this will be of great benefit to our customers, who need to secure items as quickly and smoothly as possible.
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