Die-cutting 4.0: CONNECTM from Marbach continues on the road to success

Wednesday 03. August 2022 - The globally operating diemaker Marbach recently presented its digital system solution for even more transparency and performance in die-cutting. CONNECTM has enjoyed increasing popularity since its market launch.

More and more customers are recognizing the many benefits they can achieve through more digitalization in the die-cutting process.
Project Manager Tim Wolber: “The customers to whom we have presented CONNECT|M so far are enthusiastic. This is because digitization brings them many advantages. From optimized tool management to important key performance indicators at the push of a button. Including detection and reporting of deviations as well as the integration of partially automated processes. Today, this is a huge step forward in a process that is still predominantly analog. With CONNECT|M, digitization is also finally making its way into the die-cutting process.”
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