Marbach publishes white paper about die-cutting 4.0: Maximum performance in packaging production

Thursday 23. June 2022 - The globally operating diemaker Marbach has published a new whitepaper on its knowledge platform, the Marbach Experience Hub, with the topic The future is digital: How to increase the performance of your die-cutting processes through digitization.

In the new whitepaper, readers will learn why digitization is immensely important in the previously analog world of die-cutting and how digitization of the die-cutting process leads to better performance in packaging production.
Tim Wolber, digitization expert at Marbach: “Our whitepaper is about how to transform the many analog processes involved in die-cutting packaging into digital ones. Which preparatory steps are necessary and how implementation can take place. In doing so, we also go into detail about our CONNECT|M solution, which can be used to successfully carry out such digitization quickly and in a very time-, resource- and cost-efficient manner.”
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