Print on Demand is the future – Think about automation

Thursday 26. August 2021 - TG machines make the integration into popular e-commerce providers like Shopify, Shopware along with social media marketplaces like Instagram, Facebook easier than ever before. They make the shop floor processes and production process efficient and fast.

Orders can reach you in different ways – be it from customer service, via API interface or various existing customer stores. The orders are generated digitally, where all order-related information is contained. Confusion of the production files is thus impossible.
The terminal at the goods receipt ensures that the right goods are kept ready for the orders. At this station the textiles also receive their QR code with all information about the order.
Which textile side has to be pre-treated at which place and in which size? The pretreatment terminal provides this and other information fully automatically. If you take Ready2Print shirts, then this step is not necessary. Print-dry-done means increased efficiency and eliminates a process which subsequently increases productivity.
Automatic loading of print files of jobs, control of positioning via EPS and saving of machine profiles per item and even per color. Maximum error reduction – no more wrong motif on the textile!
Do you offer your customers additional finishing techniques such as embroidery, appliqués, laser engraving, rhinestones or rivets? No problem, these machines can also be easily integrated into the automated production process.
At this station, additional instructions such as adding flyers, attaching additional stickers, pressing on transfers or other instructions during production can be controlled automatically.
The system helps you to avoid production errors in time and transparently stores all activities of your production. If not all refinements are completed, further processing is blocked. This applies to all stations and can also be viewed by your account manager. Errors become transparent. Using RFID, even the history of textiles could be traced for a lifetime. The digital signature dramatically improves quality compared to conventional production.
No matter whether you produce in a structured, orderly or chaotic way. The system helps you to sort your orders. Simply scan the ID tag and use the intuitive “Sort by voice” function – the system will automatically guide you to the correct order field. Only after the last part has been scanned, the order is released.
Regardless of whether DHL, UPS or any other shipping service provider, the system does the work and automatically prints the package contents and shipping label including all necessary customs documents. If an article is incorrectly sorted, the system will block it. Only after the last part has been scanned, the operator can send.
What is Automation?
There are many methods used to produce garments requiring decoration. Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing is just one of them. But DTG has more production flexibility than traditional forms of decoration like screen printing, and if harnessed correctly, DTG printing can become a powerhouse of profitability and growth.
In a market that is struggling to maintain reasonable profit margins and defend itself from cut-throat competition and declining sales, DTG printing stands out as uniquely capable of creating huge gross profits while at the same time experiencing phenomenal sales growth. Something is driving this change in the market and we believe it is automated production processes. In a word, technology.
Demand drives creativity, significant demand drives the kind of creativity necessary to transform an industry, and we are experiencing this kind of demand today in the decoration industry. Highly flexible Print-On-Demand (POD) decorated products include all kinds of things. Some are obvious – T-shirts, hoodies, pants, and hats. Some not so obvious because they are not thought of as typical POD products – custom printed towels, custom printed dog collars, customized Christmas ornaments, custom printed laptop covers, and custom printed neck ties. It is fair to say that POD has expanded far beyond typical garment applications.
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