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Virtual 360 tour offers unique insights into innovative MOSCA solutions

Friday 23. July 2021 - Unique perspectives and innovative solutions await website visitors in a close-up 360 virtual tour of MOSCAs visions of future of end-of-the-line packaging. The in-depth experience is available starting 14 July 2021 at https:360-showroom.mosca.comen.

Viewers can click through the photo-realistic exhibition featuring different end-of-line solutions in high-resolution image quality, turn around for a 360° panorama and zoom-in on detailed close-ups of the machinery. Each station offers in-depth product information along with a direct link to a MOSCA expert. The virtual tour is complemented by multimedia presentations focusing on digitalisation concepts, strapping industry solutions and MOSCA services.
A few mouse clicks on a browser screen place the viewer at the centre of an innovative MOSCA exhibition. The 360° virtual tour features high-resolution photorealistic images of five different MOSCA machines – some stand-alone, some integrated into a fully automated packaging line. MOSCA CEO Timo Mosca: “We are taking advantage of the digital world to showcase our technologies from unique perspectives with close attention to detail.” During the virtual tour, viewers can turn around and look in all directions, zoom-in for closeups and experience unique perspectives, for instance, by ‘hopping’ onto a conveyor belt. The tour is based on a 1:1 reproduction of an actual machine constellation at MOSCA headquarters in Waldbrunn, recorded in high resolution video and transferred to the digital space as a 360° multimedia experience.
Virtual walk through MOSCA’s high performance portfolio
The tour starts with an example of advanced MOSCA end-of-line technologies: a fully automated application for form-fit load securing on pallets. This configuration comprises three high-performance MOSCA machines along with a Fuji Yusoki palletising robot and a stretch wrapper from MOVITEC, a MOSCA brand. This is the first time since the acquisition of MOVITEC in March 2021 that MOSCA strapping specialists and MOVITEC stretch wrapping experts have joined forces to create a production line. Timo Mosca explains: “The arrangement of the machines clearly shows how well MOSCA and MOVITEC work together. While strapping processes ensure optimum stability of the product bundle, stretch wrapping protects goods from external influences such as dust, moisture or dirt. These are exactly the kind of comprehensive solutions we had hoped for with the acquisition of MOVITEC.”
A video presents the complete process of the demo packaging line in ‘live’ operation. Detailed information about each of the machines is provided in the virtual setup. At a glance, viewers can learn everything about the reliable EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 vertical strapping machine, the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 H with vertical edge protection applicator as an optional feature and the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV, a highly efficient solution designed for strapping lightweight products on pallets, dollies or pallet cages. Clicking on the info button brings up detailed descriptions with downloadable product brochures and a contact link to a MOSCA expert.
The strapping specialists are also presenting other high-performance MOSCA solutions in the virtual tour, including the EVOLUTION SoniXs TR-6 Pro. Characterised by its speed and versatility, this high-efficiency model is ideal for strapping packages of different sizes and shapes. Fast and efficient is also the key principle for the KCK-131-26-HS that is part of the virtual display. This fully automated pallet packing press handles up to 200 pallets per hour with edge protection – comparable machines achieve a maximum of only 150 pallets per hour.
Networking for more machine availability and cost efficiency
Highlighting the full spectrum of MOSCA’s innovative spirit, the virtual 360° tour includes detailed information about digitalisation concepts and digital services of the future. Secure Cloud Connectivity could soon be used to reorder strapping materials in a fully automated process. MOSCA machines would read RFID tags on the coils when they are changed and transmit the data directly to the MOSCA ERP system, to ensure strap deliveries are automatically coordinated just in time.
“We want to strengthen our networking with customers in the future and further optimise the availability and cost efficiency of our machines,” says Timo Mosca. One example of this is the pay-per-use model, which is also explained in the 360° virtual tour. The scheme is set to enable customers to pay only for the service actually provided by a machine with MOSCA assuming full responsibility for its availability.
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